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Cain Velasquez vs JDS


Who do you got?

holy fuck, another fighter with a BS trainer


I agree. I watched those videos and the only thing I could think was, "wholly crap this guy has Cain doing some dumb stuff". I mean seriously, training your hips is training your hips. No need for the ballistic knee strike attached to weights. He may get injured before he ever makes a comeback from his injury training with this guy.

Had Cain never gotten injured, I would have easily picked him over JDS. You just never know how a guy is going to look when he comes back after a lay-off, some are better some are worse. Judging them based on their best performances and what they bring to the table, I still have to pick Cain, just not as assuredly as before barring injury.


I like Cain more.

And what the fuck is Cain doing in the first video? Kettlebell shrug or kettle swing or kettlebell bullshit? His trainer pisses me off.


I cannot make a good prediction because there are too many ?'s.

Is Cain back to his old form and healthy?

Can JDS grapple?

Neither has looked bad yet, so I have no idea about weak points or game plans.

On the videos:

I guess Cain is rock solid, because that is not the shit you do if you are worried about injury.

The swing/clean/low pull looked like an accident looking for a place to happen, and it was the least questionable of the bunch.

The weighted knee strike screams hip flexor pull/lumbar spine injury.

And leg extensions carry a pretty good amount of shear force with them. Doing them ballistically is an interesting idea.

If those videos are representative of what he is doing, he has until Nov to get injured or I may have a crisis of faith about biomechanics/physiology.


Robert A


Not too sure about this guy's methods.

Sure is good at counting though.


I pick Cain by anal rapeage, a la Health Inspector.


what is that demented cartoon totally raping the thread?



The cartoon is The Boondocks. I used it to drive home the point I made about Cain winning the fight against JDS. It is demented, but very enjoyable. The cartoon as a whole, that is.


mmm maybe not by anal rape, but i see Cain overpowering JDS with his wrestling.


I'm picking JDS by using the jab, and controlling the pace of the fight.


Based on what we have seen so far it'd be easy to pick Cain over JDS any day, but how much have we really seen yet? I'm still going to say Cain is the more likely winner here, but I wouldn't be too surprised if Junior actually had a few more tricks up his sleeve (after all, its only a matter of time before AS introduces him to sensei Seagal and if only Junior learns that front kick of death there is no stopping this guy). Juniors standup is easily one of the best in the division, but Cain isn't bad standing up either. We have no idea what JDS will do when Cain will set his pace and try to toss him around. Bottom line, I think especially these younger guys evolve so fast that we have no idea what we might see when the cage door closes, but I'm pretty sure its going to be great and I have a feeling that it won't be the first time these two guys are going to collide.


I'picking Cain by evading the jab, and controlling the pace of the fight thorough wrestling.


Cain vs. Cheick Kongo
Cain vs. Big 'Nog

Kongo has the better striking than JDS, hands down. Bigger and faster than JDS, as well.

Big 'Nog's hands are very much under-rated, although he has lost a LOT of speed and timing over the years.

Cain by UD


Minotauro boxing is a joke, it's olympic style and he moves like a oldman, whoever teached him that he needs to box and stop using his bjj is a cancer, actually it have a name, it's called Dorea.


I'm going to go Cain on this one.

I think Cain is quick enough to avoid the jab and his stand up is good enough to avoid the knockout. He has also displayed a solid chin.

JDS's take down is good but in he looked like he was getting fatigued in later rounds when he couldn't knock out Roy Nelson. I'm thinking this will diminish his TDD in later rounds. Cain can push fast pace all fight long and this is where I see Cain winning it. 4th or 5th round ref ground and pound.


I also think that JDS cardio will be a factor in this fight, since he started training "conditioning" with Rafael Alejarra he has been gassing on the last rounds.

That guy fucks every fighter he trains, look at Demian, Cris Cyborg, Wanderlei Silva(when he was training with him and JDS, they are always gassing at the 3rd round.


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very mature response


Kongo isnt even close.

I like JDS in this one. He has great takedown defense and better striking.