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Cain - Carwin



This needs it's own thread.

Carwin, first round KO.


Agreed Carwin takes it early by KO/TKO. This matchup is too soon for Cain.


Agreed with the above. Too early to put Cain in this spot. I don't think he's going to able to ride Carwin, and their striking seems to be comparable except people's brains explode when Carwin hits them. Shane's chin is solid and Cain isn't a one hitter quitter.


this one will probably look similar to Brock .vs Randy. Semi-neutralization of wrestling skill, probably some jockeying in the clinch, faster more technical guy has trouble dealing with size and reach, just a matter of time before the bigger guys rocks the smaller guy. I would bet (and hope) it goes past the first. I would really like to see at least 2 rounds out of both these guys.


Shane is a more accomplished wrestler, Randy was much better than Brock in terms of skill. Randy had the Greco and College background where Brock just had the college wrestling.


What i think is more interesting is Jake Shields possibly fighting Matt Lindland.


Agreed, Carwin via KO/TKO.

Just don't see how Cain wins this one.

He can't stand and trade with Shane or he'll go to sleep.

If he gets top position I doubt he'll be able to keep Carwin down.

If Carwin gets top position it's over.


That's why I though it would be similar.

Smaller better wrestler not much of an advantage against still very good larger wrestler.

Smaller better boxers gets knocked on his ass by big punch.


how is jake shields beating up then choking out an old, non-contender, more interesting then the two most promising heavyweights in the UFC?


Anytime someone mentions a fight with Matt Lindland being interesting, an angel loses its wings.