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Cage Match

Uh, I was in a cage match. Here are some highlights…

Boom! Tough actin’ Tinactin.

That was pretty cool how it ended, with him slaming you from the fence…

fucking stupid.

I don’t mean to be negative, but I can’t help but give you some (hopefully constructive) criticism. There was some cool stuff there, but it was obvious you were just going through the motions for some of it. When you were doing that “wind-up” routine, your arm was like half limp at the back.

The goal is to make it look as real as possible, right? (or, when it is obviously not real, make it look like cartoon physics… When Roadrunner drops the coyote off a cliff, it’s drawn to look like a stylized version of an actual impact.)

It would probably help to think of yourself as an actor, as much as a wrestler. I think this is why “The Rock” rose to the top of that game. No matter what he was doing, nor how ridiculous it might have been, he always gave the impression that he believed whatever he was doing was real.

Think about what your character’s motivation is when you are swinging your arm. Pretend that you really have to get it going in order to deliver the blow. It’ll be much more entertaining. With any form of showmanship, you have to believe it (or get into character so that a detached schitzophrenic part of your brain believes it) before your audience will believe it.

Thanks RoboRob!

Uh, Fuck you Steven.

Thanks RoboRob.

Steven, Fuck off.

[quote]StevenF wrote:
fucking stupid. [/quote]

Care to elaborate on that?

Thanks Human J…good advice.

Pretty cool.

Yeah man thats pretty sick good work dont listen to all the haters.

Never really got into the fake fighting thing.

[quote]StevenF wrote:
Never really got into the fake fighting thing. [/quote]

Yeah. We all know you don’t REALLY land on the mat. It’s just fake. There’s no pain involved whatsoever.



[quote]StevenF wrote:
Never really got into the fake fighting thing. [/quote]

It’s not for everyone, but a lot of people who never in a million years thought they would get into it, actually do if they watch a few matches. It’s a pure, base, mindless show that is entertaining in the same way that reality TV is… People doing asinine things for other people’s guilty pleasure.

Aspects of bodybuilding like having a well built body, flexing, posing, etc, are mixed in. Also there are feats of strength thrown in. The combat aspect may be fake, but the wrestlers do as much lifting, throwing, etc as they can.

I’ve never been interested enough to actually go out and pay for a show, but I’ve zoned in front of the tube after work on a few occasions. Like them or not, wrestlers put a lot of work into what they do.

good job man…so how does the hierarchy of wrestling work, if you dont mind me asking? is there like a “minor league” and you kind of wait for the big boys to come calling?

Thanks Slick, hawkings, and fighting fires. Well basically the only ‘real’ money is in the WWE, NWA:TNA, Ring of Honor (in the US). In Japan, a good worker can make a living fairly easily. Otherwise, after a wrestler is trained he can work for various independent promoters, who will pay him on a match per match basis.