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i just read an article from t-mag, called bloodhound scientist, and it says that caffiene only lasts 5 minutes, and 60 minutes for endurance, so if your using caffiene to build strength or to get you ready to lift it will only last 5 minutes?

Caffeine is, at least for me, a great pick-me-up. Whenever I’m feeling groggy, I like to take a cup of pure, unadulterated coffee. As far as a pre-workout supplement, try taking coffee with your stack for an extra kick. I feel it boosts me for about 2 hours at least, so I don’t really care much about theory etc. It’s what you see/feel that really counts.

Caffeine is a hormone which has an afterlife of about 3-5 hours. I personally take 200mg before weight lifiting workout (3 times a week) and can feel it for atleast 4hours every time. Don’t agree, personally, with the 5 minutes or even 1 hour statement. Just like hark… I also use coffee:

one big cup with ice, splenda, and 10g of vanilla protein and it tastes just like a frappucino and picks me up big time.

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Afterlife of about 3-5 hours? What if it was a good little caffeine - doesn’t it go to heaven forever?

 why would u wanna use caffeine before a heavy weight session?

Caffeine is not a hormone. And diesel, stop writng ‘u’ and ‘ur’. We’re all grown up on this forum, and it makes your posts hard to read.


A few notatiopns about caffeine (as I wrote the article). Caffeine has been proven to positively effect athletic performance for events lasting less than 5 minutes (like sprinting, a set of lifts, etc.) AND events lasting longer than 60 minutes (like a full work out-offset fatigue and distance running).

Caffeine, as far as I know does not have an "after-life", but does have a "half-life". Half-life is the time that it takes for 1/2 of the agent to be excreted from the body. In caffeine's behalf, the half-life is ~8 hours, but this depends upon the dose. The 8 hours was for 176mg caffeine. The rule of thumb is that full-elimination is 1/2 life x 5, thus ~40 hours for a 176mg dose of caffeine. Half-life is used because this is the time when an agent is the most active in the body. You may not feel it, but it is still circulating in the body.

Yes, half-life! I meant that, sorry for the after-life statement.

not a hormone? oops, I was under the impression that’s what it was? I’ll read the article again!

Did I say anything about a HEAVY weight session?

most of my weight sessions are not heavy, I focus more on bar speed. And as for the reason for usage is because like many it gives me a pick up, or “jacked up” feeling.