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Caffiene interference with Flax Oil?

Remember seeing an article about caffiene interfering with Flax Oil. It apparently blocks the conversion of flax oil to EPA’s

Only problem is I can’t find it or remember even if I read it on T-mag at all!

Help please

I just happenend to read it last night.

Issue 275: Intolerable by Lonnie Lowery.

yes. check out what dr. serrano had to say about that:

“The conversion rate is only 15% from ALA to EPA/DHA so it’s better to take fish oils. What are things that affect the enzyme? Caffeine (people taking thermogenics have even lower activity of that enzyme), high insulin levels (from excessive carbohydrates), low magnesium levels, and alcohol are the biggest factors.”

How long would caffeine stay in the system to affect this process?

In other words, if I drink some green tea or diet Coke in the morning/early afternoon would it affect this conversion process if I take flax seed oil in the evening?


Rene, I believe the half life of caffeine is about 6 hours. Your approach sounds ideal.

Myself, since I drink caffeine and use an ECA stack, I’m taking fish oil with measurable amounts of EPA/DHA.

Thanks for the info guys.

My next question is are there any fish oils that don’t taste of fishyness?

I don’t like flax oil but will suffer for my health but fish oil!!

I am now paying big bucks for Sears fish oil and it is not too bad. Freshness really matters, 'cause the stuff oxidizes fast. I didn’t mind the taste of Twinlab’s emulsified SuperMaxEPA with mint flavor (swallow fast!), but it did NOT agree with me.

Creed, I take mine with my tuna; 1.5T = 6g. Adding a little onion, celery, mayo and cayenne should help a bit.