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Caffiene and Mag-10?

Ok guys just a quick question. Ive been around weightlifting for quit some time but ive never taken anything like mag-10. Usually just protein, ZMA, creatine…things of this nature. Ok well i usually take 200mg of caffeine about an hour before i go lift, if wakes you up, gives ya a boost, and the guy over at ABC bodybuilding said that it can help reserve glycogen stores. Ok well is taking a caffiene pill like this going to work well with Mag-10? I mean, i dont want my heart racing so fast with andros and caffiene that i spontaniously combust or anything :slight_smile: So what do you think… ok? I read some guy has some crazy pumps from Mag-10, i just dont want to over due it. Thanks

Caffeine should not be a problem. “Andros” may make you feel pretty good but they don’t “make your heart race.”

People vary on how their nervous system responds to anabolics. Some people can take a shitload and still lumber around all day without additional stimulants whereas some people get wound up to the point of bad insomnia without any additional caffeine etc. My advice is to take the Mag 10 for a few days without the caffeine and see how you feel. After a few days you’ll be able to assess it’s effect on your nervous system and then you can decide whether you still need the caffeine.

You can use both but Kelly is right, you may find that the stimulation from MAG-10 leaves you not wanting the caffeine stimulation that you usually like to have.

Personally, I like caffeine whether on or off steroids.