anyone used caffeine for pre-workout?? How much used? Results?

Is that a new revolutionary technique? I’ve never heard of anybody trying this, be careful when treading unknown waters!hehehe

caffeine??? never heard of it.

sorry i couldnt resist. do a search bro.

Oh, come on guys. Stop crapping on the newbie…

Caffeine is a stimulatnt, or as the really big lifters like to call it a “neural potentiator”. It’s proven to improve performance and therefore training intensity and 1RMs. It’s also a thermogenic, so it’s a good idea to do this if your’e cutting. As the guys said… do a search.

I alway make sure I have caffeine taken before workout or cardio.

Cafeine stimulates the burning of fat for your energy supply. Scientifically proved by French investigaters.

Also I found this advice in popular magazines, so I thought this was well known.

Cafeine was/is placed on the doping list because of its stimulating effects.

200 mg caffeine
20 mg ephedrine
300 mg aspririn…ECA stack, where have you been twistedlocal…