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Anyone drinking caffeinated beverages? Does some caffeine influence my progress. If so, what’s the limit and when should I take it so it doesn’t interfere with my morning post workout creatine. However I’ve got have my coffee come Exam time.
I am currently on the Massive Eating Diet and train first thing in the morning.

I drink 1-3 cups of coffee a day. It doesn’t keep me from adding muscle, and it doesn’t keep me from maintaining single digit body fat. Might I get better gains without it? Maybe, but I figure the potential disadvantage of drinking coffee is outweighed by the advantage of keeping my job because I’m not brain-dead, falling asleep at my desk, or biting people’s heads off first thing in the morning. This one strikes me as a mountain from a molehill thing. Of course, you can take away my coffee when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Do a search for the “Caffeine Roundtable.”

I dont know why the big deal about creatine and caffeine because the first studies on creatine used hot tea and coffee did they not to increase solubility?

Goldberg, I’m actually quite sure it was warm orange juice that was used to test creatine. JB has stated that the caffeine’s effects on creatine aren’t as negative as the media has made it out to be, just make sure to increase hydration.

I’m with Goldberg on this. I thought it was hot tea they used because they couldn’t get it to dissolve otherwise.

I love it when im right. here is an excerpt from TC in an article about creatine facts and fallacies.
“If you’re concerned about how fast you load, try dissolving your powdered creatine in a warm beverage, like tea. That’s how the initial creatine studies were conducted and what they knew then still applies: creatine just doesn’t dissolve very well unless you mix it in something warm.”

Let me tell you something about caffine. I had the worst experience with it. I took 4 no dose and two cups of coffe and i was bugging out. I don’t know why and ill never do it again.

oh maybe because that was 1200 mg of caffeine.

actually i think it was 7 caffine pills,… i thought i was going to die. i went to the doctor cause i was sweating real bad and felt very sick. it wore off about a day later no joke. you live and you learn.