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Caffeine stunts growth -- Fact or Fiction?

Is it true that caffeine can stunt a person’s growth? I’m 16 and I find that a cup a day helps with my asthma.

Do a search on caffeine roundtable from the t-mag homepage.

Chris – I checked it out and they did not mention whether or not caffeine will stunt growth.

I was told at a young age it would, start drinking coffee around 12. I am 6’1" and i am at least 4" taller then the rest of my family.

Ya, but they do talk a lot about the good things caffeine does if taken in moderation.

folk seem to be getting taller not shorter, but we are drinking more cafeine… hmm… even Asians are freaky huge now… damn bastards gotta move to Japan.

A cup a day is fine, at 16 I was probably doing about 3 cups a day (i worked in some really boring places) and I’m 6’2". Most stimulants help with asthma, too.

I can’t point to any study, but most stimulants have, to my knowledge, stunted growth in children. E.g., knew someone who used lots of ephedrine as a teen and never grew past 5’3" despite large hands and feet; a coworker was prescribed 90mg ritalin every day since he was four and didn’t grow past 5’ until he stopped taking it, then grew 6" in a year.

For some reason i’ve never believed that taking a natural substance can stunt your growth. I drank a lot of coffee/alcohol when I was younger and was 5’4 until I turned 17. AFter that I shot up to 6’0. My grandpa was in the 7’0 range and he smoked since he was a teen. Maybe I could have been taller and I stunted my growth. But personally I’d never want to be taller than 6’0, I think it’s a perfect height. My opinion is if you’re going to grow, you’re going to grow no matter what.

The only thing you want to avoid if you’re trying to maximize growth is estrogen, since it’s the hormone responsible for closure of your bone plates. So stay away from steroids and soy.