Caffeine (Pre-Workout) and Anxiety

So I’ve been using pre-workout for a while now - probably onto my 3rd or 4th month straight. I’ve not noticed much in the way of side-effects (with the exception of having to pee every 20 minutes for the 3-4 hours after I take it).

But recently I’ve started to notice an increase in my anxiety. Nothing major, but I can tell that I’m not my usual self. I’m not a very anxious person, but I see it coming out. I’ve also started to experience a really embarrassing battle with hyperhidrosis (pit sweat). I’m wearing t-shirts in December, and still sweating. I don’t feel hot at all, but I’ll be in a meeting and notice that my pits are wet as can be. All unaware to me, because like I said, I’m not hot or sweating anywhere else.

So I think I’m going to cut it out for a while and see if I see these symptoms/side-effects drop off.

Problem is, I get up to work out at 4:45am, and love the boost I get from the pre-workout, and it keeps me going. I read on this thread a little:

…but the Biotest Power Drive is out of stock. Does anyone else have any recommendations for pre-workout without the caffeine… and maybe some other herbal supplements, or food to eat as soon as I wake up. I’ve heard that an apple is a good idea…?

Not a health nut, but don’t want to live at the urinal, with sweaty pits, and nervous thoughts. Ya know??


I hear you on the pre-workout, that stuff makes me way too jittery! I stay away from it, usually a large cup of coffee pre-workout is good for me.

Brain Candy might be a good alternative, they have original (300mg caffeine) and caffeine free, I use caffeine free in the mornings and really like it. Good focus and state of mind.

Since you’re working out so early, make sure the very first thing you consume when you wake up is a large glass of water, 16-20oz or so. This will help ensure you’re hydrated for your workout, and personally I always feel more alert if I chug some water first thing, compared to going straight to coffee and breakfast.

You definitely want to have some quality carbs and protein. A banana and apple (both or just one depending on your cals/macros) and some whey protein, or oats and whey, or my favorite, a quick and easy Finibar would all be good choices for energy and fuel for the workout.

Sounds like me to be honest. I metabolize caffeine slowly and basically try to stay away from pre-workouts these days unless it is coffee. Caffeine + pit sweat is the worst, it is straight up embarrassing sometimes and has even ruined a few shirts lol. Caffeine is known to increase sweat sensitivity and sudomotor activity (sweat glands).

In terms of anxiety, it is another common problem when taking caffeine… however, there could be a genetic component to it (ADORA2A gene). Regardless, even when tolerance develops to caffeine, a bit if anxiety is still present that cannot be counter-acted by l-theanine. It is likely due to an increase adrenaline, and for others an increase in cortisol in non-native users in large amounts (500mg+). There could also be an effect on glutamate.

edit: caffeine-free Brain Candy is an option, another one is Alpha-GPC. Try a small cup of coffee too, instead of caffeine anhydrous and see if that makes a difference.


Happens to me as well. Annoying part is, the anxiety increase would happen in the evening, after 8 PM, despite taking the caffeine source pre lunchtime.

Used to mess me up cause I didn’t know what was causing it. After I’ve learned it’s caffeine’s side effect on me, I just ignore it. Like “ah, this again. Guess I had too much caffeine today”.

I took St. John’s Wort for my anxiety and it helped a lot!

I’m a big fan of the Spike drinks.

I drink one 8 or 16 oz at about 6AM and am good for the rest of the day. I still throw a cup of coffee in every now and again, but I do get jittery if I’m not careful.

I also train verry herly in the morning 4am. So I realy need a boost. But I tend to have a probleme with caffeine over time and it does not take mutch. I’m not a Coffee driker and do not drink any caffeinated beverages. So with only 100mg of caffeine I realy get a verry hi boost. But It interferes with my sleep and recovery, and I also get anxiety atacts if I don’t cycle. So to control and stop does negatif effects I take 2 to 5 g of taurine right after my workout and I alternate with none caffeinated Pre-workout. I get more focus and avoid any anxiety and brain fog.

What kind of dosage?