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Caffeine Pills


Anyone have a recommendation for good caffeine pills. The product I used several years ago is no longer available, it was easy to buy at the local GNC, but can't seem to find any at GNC or on line.


I just picked up the generic brand from Walgreen's. 100 200mg pills for about 5 or 6 bucks. They are not enteric coated but even with the sensitive stomach I have I have had no problems.


I use PrimaForce and it works fine.


I use the Prolab 200mg, they do the job.


k-mart has 200 mg ones for less than 4 bucks as does wal-mart. I prefer the k-mart ones


Caffeine is caffeine. As far as I am aware, they're all just caffeine anhydrous with some inert binder. They are all equally absorbable unless they are tabletized in some funky way I am not aware of. I've never heard of enteric coated caffeine, but if it helps with a sensitive stomach, then good to go.

I use Wal-Mart brand.

Paying for some supplement company's brand is highway robbery.


In England I use pro plus it's 50mg a pill and they recomend you dont use more than 100mg in a a one hour sitting! Would it be ok to take 200mg in a go? I guess all thats in these things is just caffeine? though it lists Caffeine Anhydrous. Eu and sorbitol and magnesium sterate as being the pill, whatever they are?


Use Spike. Its better, but will cost you some money.


How many pills did you take each time, and how many times a day?


Well, a cup of coffee is about 100mg, and from experience I'd say 200mg in a serving is not excessive. Also from my experience, 600mg in one 24 hour period is alot of caffeine and not something I particularly enjoy.

I'm going to qualify this by saying I am in no way a health professional and this should not be read as medical advice. Also, make sure you're health is good to go before you start messing with stimulants.

I think caffeine is pretty overrated as a bodybuilding supp. at least as far as it's direct effect on body composition is concerned. It is a good stimulant and vigilance aid, not so good a fat burner. Also, it may impair glucose metabolism unfavorably. If you're chowing down on the carbs, this may be a concern.

My humble $.02


Im Thinking of it and Power Drive but im on Anti-Depressents so need to find out if I can first.