Caffeine Pills For Teenager?

i was wonder what are the benefits and disadvantages of taking caffein pills beofore you have a game? are there any health risks to teenagers? is it illegal? etc?


Depending on high school sports regulations, this may not be a good idea. I guess it also depends on legality where you are at, as most places only sell to those 18 and above( yeah right).

Personally, I would mix a serving of Power Drive with a little Gatorade about 45 minutes before the game. This will get things flowing and moving without any coronary stimulation. If you are playing basketball, I assume, fast-paced games and induced Tachycardia do not mix well. -Starkdog

You mean you haven’t seen the Saved by the Bell where Jessie became ADDICTED to CAFFEINE PILLS!!! They’ll ruin your life, just like that steroid creatine.

Seriously though, I don’t see any real advantage unless you have to stay up late after a game and study. However, in that case you could always make a pot of coffee.

Some rugby players and pro footballers (as in soccer) use caffeine - if I remember rightly about 5 mg/kg BW about an hour before a match. Studies have shown both physiological and psychological benefits. Just bear in mind the effect on sleep if its an evening match!

There is a study showing caffeine supps have a better physiological effect than caffeinated coffee but I can’t remember the details off the top of my head.

But I think in terms of safety etc the upper limit for teenagers is usually set at around 2 mg/kg BW.


You don’t need to overdose on caffeine at all.

Concentrate on being healthy, recovering and keeping your test levels high.

-keep your protein high
-keep your good carbs high
-get lots of sleep
-get lots of water
-get LOTS of vitamins and minerals (i use animal paks…until Biotest has something better)
-getting lots of fruit

I’d also suggest a decent-sized lean steak the night before.

Then maybe one shot of espresso or some Spike before the game and you’ll be ready to rip the hood off a car.

I have an OT question about caffeine;
Would there be any benefits to using caffeine before lifting? Like in the long run. Perhaps it’d benefit your lifts and thus cause greater gains. Perhaps not as good as Surge but couldn’t you use both?