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Caffeine Leads to Bone Degredation?


Someone told me in the gym today that taking caffiene before a workout will lead to bone degredation because it leaches calcium.

Anyone know if there is any truth to this?


I've heard it before, but not specifically related to caffeine pre-workout. "They" have said caffeine can affect calcium in the bones, but I believe most of the studies were done on older women and those already susceptible to osteoporosis.

As long as you're an otherwise-healthy young fella drinking your protein shakes and lifting heavy, don't stress out over a pre-workout boost.

If it weren't for Spike Shooters, I'd probably never do rack pulls.


If not for Spike Shotgun, I'd rarely do any work around the house!


ehhh.. maybe indirectly.

Caffeine is acidic. In order for your body to remain neutral, it uses calcium as a buffer. So lots of caffeine would require lots of calcium. It would only leach from yours bones if all the calcium in your blood stream was used up first.

Thats my only knowledge.


If this is true I should be a puddle of flesh in a few years or so.


keep in mind that calcium storage in bone is constantly back and forth - if free calcium in the blood is low, more will be pulled from the bones. if it is high, some will be stored in the bones. as long as you are consuming (enough) calcium, you'll be fine.

also, remember that calcium is used by processes in the body, such as the contraction of muscles. one of bone's roles is to store calcium. so, just like STORING your car in the garage at night, and taking it out the next day, this is a totally normal thing.