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Caffeine Leading to Cramping?


I've experienced muscle cramping my last two workouts for the first time ever. The only thing I can figure I changed it that I consumed to caffeine before each of the workouts (in pill form) just after taking my creatine.

Anyone else experience this or have a scientific explanation?

All help appreciated...

P.S. I probably looked the biggest fool in the gym doing explosive standing back extensions (which was really just me trying to control my ab spasms!). Real good.


Caffiene causes dehydration which causes cramps. Drink more water.


+1, just like tea.


Yeah, so does creatine. DRink UP


I agree with the others, about drinking more water.

Are you working out in the morning?


Actually, neither caffeine, nor creatine cause significant dehydration in the doses normally consumed.

It's more likely that were a little low on electrolyes or H2O to begin with.


Both workouts were in the evening, right after work. I'd consumed about 1.5-2 liters of water up to that point in the day (which is about typical for me).

Creatine consumption was 5 g and caffeine was 200 mg.

Electrolytes could have been depleted I suppose, but, again, I wasn't doing anything different than normal, other than the caffeine.

I mean, it has to be either the electrolytes or the water. I was just surprised that this amount of caffeine could make such a difference.

Thanks for the thoughts so far...