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Caffeine in Hot-Rox


How much caffeine is in Hot-Rox? Is it okay to drink a Spike Shooter while taking it?

I’m not sensitive to caffeine. Most days I drink a 24oz spike and at least 12-18oz of coffee.


It’s not recommended because Spike is potent by itself. But if you or, okay, me, understand your own stimulant tolerance and turn the dial to 11, that’s your call.

So basically…

I’d get into why you might want to cut back because that much daily caffeine is rough on the system (adrenal fatigue, missing the performance boost due to desensitization), but that’d be very much “do as I say, not as I do.”


Lol, I actually have the matching t-shirt…

Thanks for the info Chris.


They both have Yohimbine so I wouldn’t recommend a shooter and hot rox. I think that’s too much dosage.

Probably best to ask over here: https://biotest-forums.t-nation.com/c/biotest-supplement-advice