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Caffeine Hypersensitivity & Sleep

I seem to be sensitive to caffeine in a very weird way. When I was taking HRX 2x a day (1 tab), I was wired constantly and had very bad sleep. I shifted to 1x, which was slightly better; but I still had to go off it after 3 weeks because my sleep started getting very, very bad (wake up multiple times at night, etc).

Now, when I got off HRX, I was travelling in the States, driving and walking all day, every day. I felt really exhausted without hrx, so to help my cope I started drinking green tea. That was good for a while; I drank green tea and slept well. In the 2 weeks following my return home, I experienced jetlag and was very sleepy; my sleeping continued to be fine. For the past 3 nights in a row, though, I drank green tea and my sleep was just horrible.

Tossing and turning for over an hour, waking up multiple times… Keep in mind that for 2 of those nights, I was on 2/3 Z-12 pills as well as another sleep aid.

I’m gonna go off the green tea for a few nights and see if that helps… However, knowing my own body, I’ve had similar symptoms after drinking very lightly caffeinated drinks (decaf coffee) for a few days in a row. Hot chocolate and soft drinks don’t affect me in the same way. Here’s what bothers me, though: I read that the half life of caffeine is less than 6 hours. How is it possible that I only consume it in the morning and stay wired for so long?

How is it possible for this “build-up” effect to happen? (ie I get worse as I continue drinking caffeine for more consecutive days)

Could this just be a mental problem? Should I seek medical help? I love caffeinated drinks; besides, green tea is also healthy. It would be a shame if I have to say “no” to it :frowning:


and again…