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Caffeine - How Does it Affect You?

I’ve decided to lay off the stuff for a while to help combat some insomnia that has been persisting. My first thoughts on day 2 of being caffeine free is not necesarrily the tiredness, but rather the mental difference. However, I can’t necesarrily tell if it’s a good or bad difference.

I certainly did not think I was dependent on the stuff. I’d normally have a couple cups of green tea, cup of coffee, or something with about the same content in the morning, prior to a workout. What I’ve noticed with caffeine is a euphoric feeling.

For example, today with no caffeine, I watched Sportscenter. On a day when I would have consumed some of the stuff, I might find myself sitting there after a basketball highlight and just be thinking with a euphoric smile on my face, “I really like basketball.” A la the kid in “A Christmas Story” that was a fan of the “Wizard of Oz”. I’ve also noticed that creativity/motivation seem to be down abit since laying off the caffeiene.

Anyway, I just wanted to see how it affects others and get thoughts on daily usage of the drug. Finally, I’ve heard that deep, restful sleep, is often easier to acheive when caffeiene is absent, at all times. This contradicts the standard notion of just avoiding it close to bedtime. I’d also like to see your opinion on this. Thanks.

Are you sure that was caffeine you were taking?

I feel more mentally alert and sort of refreshed, as in a ‘taking a breath of fresh air’ sort of feeling.

A little more energy, and if I have too much, I get wired, impatient and irritable.

After having caffeine regularly for a while, then stopping, I get bad headaches for about 2-3 days, then they go away.

I don’t really like caffeine that much. It does give “mental energy” but it’s an energy that’s paid later on at great interest rate.
And it totally kills the clarity of the thought process.

I love Spike but it always bugs me that it also has caffeine. I would pop “decaf Spike” every day if there was such a thing.

I definitely think that it’s an individual thing. I have a low tolerance but do like it in moderation. I don’t know that it impacts me mentally, other then a slight, yet noticeable euphoric feeling right after a cup of coffee/mountain dew etc. I also get irritable if I consume too much. Additionally, I get KILLER withdrawal headaches for the first couple of days after cessation of use.