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Caffeine Hindering Creatine?


Based on my google searches on the internet I've read that caffeine negates the effect of creatine. Others say that this is only based on one study which was flawed.

In your experience with creatine have you found caffeine to negate the effects of creatine.

And do you believe we should avoid taking caffeine while on the Anaconda Protocol because of the creatine in the formula?


i can see how caffeine could be a prob since it acts like a diuretic, although i heard that the simple volumizing effect of creatine isnt responsible for strength gains but an environment for increased protein synthesis?


This one is obvious; Creatone works well even when you take caffeine. There are TONS of studies showing how effective creatine is, and you know tha most people drink coffee, that obviously includes the people in these studies...

So; If you like coffee and/or caffeine; don't worry!



I've never found this to be an issue with myself or anyone else I know.


I thought that the hydration affect of creatine vs. the diuretic affect of caffeine negated each other in significant doses (caffine requires a fair bit to be diuretic), but the other beneficial affect of both compounds would still stand.
In terms of power output, they may also be synergystic (or at the least, complementary)


So does everyone agree that consuming creatine with coffee will not affect creatines benefits?

What I do is have have 4-5 cups of coffee and a green tea capsule before my workouts in the morning, have 2.5g of creatine before and after training, have more coffee (but this time its decaf) and have 5 more grams of creatine with my last meal of the day.

I would hate for caffeine to be canceling out the creatine.


I don't think you have anything to worry about, but isn't it simple enough to just test this on yourself?

How hard is it to drop caffeine for a while to see if it makes a difference while supplementing creatine?


That is a shit ton of coffee. Do you get headaches if you don't drink it? If so you should taper off some, that much coffee isn't good for you.