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Caffeine: Good or Bad?


I'm not talking pills, I'm talking specifically coffee and green tea.

People like John Berardi seem vary wary (at least) of caffeine on the one hand, and its effects on insulin sensitivity and glucose dispersal, but on the other is very much in favor of green tea (which contains caffeine).

What gives?




search "Poliquin + coffee" and "Poliquin + caffeine" in google and read the top searches. Good info there.


yup...like with anything, moderation. I find especially on the night shift that the coffee helps. No side effects. Been using it for 30 plus years..:slight_smile:


Love coffee, especially as i do IT and it allows me to consume 'something' while fasting. As for being harmful, i really dont see why it would be. Caffeine has good/bad points, but given coffee has as many anti-oxidants as strawberries pound for pound, i imagine the good outweigh the bad.

I'm certainly no expert though. Like the guys above said, as with everything i think moderation is the key. i know on the leangains site and bodyrecomp they say there's nothing wrong with drinking coffee or even taking caffeine pills, as long as its not to excess.


Cant give you a scientific answer, but fuuurk i couldn't live without my morning coffees and my green teas throughout the day. My honest opinion is if its done in moderation and not abused, than its fine.


I'd imagine a little bit of caffeine a day is not much of a problem for most of us. Recall this recent article on Dr. Biffa's sight about coffee high in caffeine and it effects on blood pressure and heart disease.

"Coffee safe for those with history of raised blood pressure"


"These studies showed that, overall, higher intakes of coffee were not associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

In short, coffee seems like a generally safe option for people with a history of raised blood pressure.

One of the points the authors of this paper make is that while caffeine can have adverse effects on markers for disease (such as blood pressure), other elements in coffee can have beneficial effects. For example the compounds chlorogenic acid and trigonelline and the mineral magnesium improve glucose metabolism, reduce inflammation and enhance the healthy functioning of the inside of the blood vessels.

While I?m a fan of coffee, I do recommend some caution. Too much caffeine, in addition to effects on the cardiovascular system, can do other things too such as disrupt sleep, which can have implications for health and wellbeing. Some people metabolise caffeine (in the liver) very quickly and throw back a double espresso after dinner and still sleep like babies. Others, though, are not so fortunate, and can be tripped up by caffeine consumed hours before. If you think you?re caffeine-sensitive, then I?d advise keeping coffee intake generally low and confining it to the morning only."


intermittent tasting?




A good cup of coffee or tea in the morning leads to a good morning poop which in turn leads to a good day. Hooray for coffee!


LOL - my bad, you know what i mean


yep, cleans me right out