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Caffeine-Free Stimulant for Workouts?


hi i go to the gym at night and im hyper sensitive to caffine, i do enjoy an energy drink before the gym to get me going but then im not able to sleep at all at night, is there any other suppliment/drink that can give me that same effect but not keep me up all night, because i can do so much better in the gym with caffine


Caffeine-Free Spike tablets.
Power Drive doesn’t have caffeine.

If you’re extremely sensitive to caffeine, just drink a little bit. Or maybe you could just have your caffeine earlier in the day, so you can still get the benefits of the caffeine and hopefully it will wear off by bed time.


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Ok … now that I got that out of the way … have you ever tried to take your stimulant earlier in the day? I have the same problem and I usually take a Spike pill hours before I go lift and it still gives me that focus and drive as if I had just taken it …


yes i have thought of that.
yes if i have a coffee at 8 am i still not able to sleep at night, so i was asking of a non caffine supplement that would have the same effect. but thanks for your wisdom polo.


hey just helping out where I can