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Caffeine-Free Spike Usage



When Spike came out I loved it- and still do. The problem is I now have IBS so I can't have caffiene anymore. (Note: my ibs is completely unrelated to past Spike use, i'm just mentioning this as background for my question) I asked my GI about the ingredients in Caffeine-Free Spike and he said they look fine.

Anyone use Caffeine-Free Spike w/out caffiene from other sources? Any comments/suggested use ideas?



How about I change it up a little. “How do you use caffeine free spike?”

There’s gotta be some ppl on here who buy it…


I’ve used it before and you don’t get the same effect w/o some sort of stimulant. Maybe try some mate with it if you can’t handle the yohimbe and caffeine.


for me, caffeine free Spike is kind of hit or miss. if i use it I take 2 tablets. i can’t really tell if it’s the Spike or if i’m just a bit more focused that normal that day. but with regular full formula Spike I feel super-human. so i guess you’d say i get SOMETHING out of the caffeine free stuff but it’s marginal. maybe wash it down with some PowerDrive before your training sessions if your not feeling anything from it?


Thanks for the responses pdxdevil and mikepop.

Yeah, I assumed that w/out caffiene you’d lose the superhuman feeling of Spike. I bought some nonetheless though. I’m trying it w/ a Z-12 stack (caffeine free Spike in the morning, Z-12 at night) in order to normalize my sleep patterns. I’ve found Spike to be an excellent tool for this, whereas caffiene just fucks up my internal clock even more (this might not make sense, but its my personal experience).

I remember reading once that Powerdrive and Spike should not be combined. Is it different w/ caffiene free?



Why can’t you have caffeine?

I think Spike stress’ your nervous system while Powerdrive relaxes it, so best not to take together. I think it was recommended if taking both, take Spike before workout and Powerdrive after.

How often are you taking Spike?

I think caffeine free Spike was designed for those who get plenty from other sources such as coffee.


Caffeine is a GI irritant.

However, I would not put caffeine anhydrous, as an ingredient in something like a Spike tablet, as having the same irritant properties as coffee. I think coffee would be far worse.

I can see Spike shooter/shotgun being a problem, but I dont’ think Spike tabs are as bad. I could be wrong.

I personally get nothing from Spike. I could take a nap after a shooter, no problem.


I love Caffeine-Free Spike. I recently started taking it with Panax Ginseng and it’s a pretty good stack. I do drink coffee with it though so.


Thanks for the responses. I bought some to see how it goes.