Caffeine Free Fatburner

a friend of mine is very sensitive to caffiene, she tried one capsule of Fahrenheit but had no luck. Could someone suggest a decent “fat burner” w/out caffeine?

Wow thats a toughy. Hard to beleive as well, she should feel blessed to be that sensitive to stimulants and cursed. I know I myself can take HOT-ROX before bed even and reep the Fat burning rewards with no sleep issues.

Anyway. First of course I would check the diet and training in check. That should always be FIRST and foremost before any supplmentation.

Aside from that I think she may have to look away from a traditional Fat burner as most are HIGHLY loaded with Caf. and other stims so ppl get that FEEL BS.

Id try high dose fish oils, Maybe something like Carbolin 19, check out the recent study TC put up on that and its use in overweight PPL sounded impressive for fatburning. I like it for its intended use of building lean Muscle. Methoxy-7 mabye, while for me more visual many of the T-Vixens have sworn by it.

Lots of Liquids and Green Tea. Yes it has Caffeine but the theanine in it is supposed to largely counteract that maybe she could get the stim. effect bonus of the caf. yet not feel bad. As well as the anti Ox.'s

Good luck. and hope that helps,

I also tend to be hypersensitive to caffeine. I would definitely recommend a Forskolin product like Carbolin 19. If taking Carbolin 19, I would stack it with a good green tea extract product (negligable caffeine in the green tea).

I’ve used this combination with great success, even when my diet was less then ideal. Benefits will be slow but incremental, without the side effects. In fact, the forskolin should give her a anxiolytic effect. Plan on a twelve week cycle to realize visual bodycomp changes. Hope this helps…

This definitely helps, thank you.

You can get uncaffeinated green tea extract pills. The benefit may be small but studies and anecdotal evidence have shown an existant benefit even without the caffeine.

Most sensitivity issues are results of interractions. Do we know if the lady in question is taking anything else as well ?

Despite all that is known about Caffeine and other Xanthines, much isn’t known.

However it is conclusive that people with generalised anxiety disorder are abnormally sensitive to caffeine. The effects are exaggerated.

I reference this…

Anxiogenic effects of caffeine in patients with anxiety disorders.

Bruce M, Scott N, Shine P, Lader M

Department of Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, London, England.

As far as green tea goes, there is some theophylline in it. Not loads but some, and that also effects people differently.

I said a few things about theophylline in this post. In particular,

“theophyline has a narrow therapeutic range and high interindividual pharmacokinetic variability.”