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Caffeine Free Fat Burners

I’m new to posting here but really enjoy the site. I have a dilemma I hope someone can help me with. I have a health issue that prevents me from having any caffeine. Can anyone recommend a good caffeine free fat burner? Is there on that works? My trainer stacks DCP with Leviathan, but I can’t take Leviathan now. Any suggestions? Appreciate it.

abs+ by genuine health is recommended by Berardi, I’ve never tried it though.

Abs+ is good, but it does have some caffeine. Your best bet is concentrated green tea extract [caffeine free, you can find it] and CLA. I like NOW’s CLA. Also make sure you are using a quality fish oil such as Flameout [which has a bit of CLA in it itself]. I think raspberry ketones are also caffeine free and non-stimulatory.

I just ordered the Flameout and I think I actually have some caffeine-free green tea extract and CLA. Thanks for the suggestions.