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Caffeine for Endurance Event

I’ve been low on sleep the last couple of days and I’m playing in a soccer tournament that runs all day. So I picked up some 100mg caffeine tablets and was wondering, what’s a suitable dosage that will give me a good boost?

The tournament lasts all day, we’re talking 6 hours here, although I won’t be playing for 6 hours straight, I will be playing a lot of games. Soccer involves running around intensely for short periods of time yet the games last a while so I think it also counts as an “endurance” event.

How much caffeine is recommended for this situation? I’ve been looking on the net but I’ve gotten numbers from 3mg/kg to much higher doses. I’m 5’4 145 pounds by the way and I rarely drink caffeine beverages.

200mg would give a heck of a boost thats what was usually stacked with E for fat burners But beware the jittery feeling caf… gives.

Id say grab some Spike gives me a MUCH better and smooth boost.

It is usually assumed that a regular cup of coffee contains 100mg of caffeine but it may be more if you?re drinking a strong espresso. There is probably less caffeine in a cup of tea, again is depends on the tea, but figure around 30 mg per cup. Therefore one pill may equal the caffeine in one cup of coffee.

I hope the soccer tournament isnt soon. What I would do is take a pill at the start of the day and see how you feel. Since the tournament is six hours, you may need another after 3 to 4 hours.

There is a lot to consider. As Phill mentioned, some people get jitters from caffeine due to over-activation of the central nervous system. High concentrations may make your heart beat abnormally fast. Caffeine is a diuretic and may make you urinate more than usual.
The point is never try ANYTHING new the day of the tournament. Experiment beforehand and see how you react.

On the plus side caffeine will make you feel more energetic, more mentally alert and may even give you a bit more leg strength. When I cycle, I use coffee for rides greater than 40 miles. It also gives me a better focus and can lift more weight easier with a cup of coffee.

Also, if you don’t use caffeine at all for several days before the event, you can get a huge boost from a moderate amount (one tablet, say). I read an article once about an athlete who did this for a tournament (tapered off his use of caffeine, then took it for several events on tournament day). He achieve several personal bests that day, but got sick right afterwards from the extreme exertion.

Focus on recovery (Surge, chocolate milke, etc.) and sufficient calories on tournament day and be prepared to rest hard for a couple days right afterwards.