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Caffeine Expiration Question


Hey guys,
Just did a quick search and couldn't find an answer.
I was wondering if caffeine is effective after its expiration date? I just got in my order of Ephedrine HCL and Caffeine and the caffeine has an Oct 05 expiration date.


First off I'd be pretty pissed they sent you old stuff. I would try to either get new stuff or my money back.

Second I don't know what "active" ingredients are in Caffiene that would actually garner an expiration date, but I'm sure they date if for a reason.


Yea, im a pissed they sent a bottle that is expired. I am going about getting a refund, but at the same time I need to know if I should get some more when I go to GNC today or if I will be fine with this bottle.


Expiration dates on meds or med-like compounds represent the longest time for which the compounds have been tested for efficacy and safety.

Generally speaking, every formulation change (shape, size, format, bottling) of such compounds requires new testing.

It is cost-prohibitive and unpractical to test every reformulation for 10 years, so they test for a couple of years only since most people will use up these compounds within that time frame. Also it stops people from self-medicating (in many instances for prescription medication)

If I remember correctly, either the Departement of Defence or the US army tested a large number of medication for % of active compounds to see if medication did really expire (considering a $1 billion cost of medication turn-over every three years for expired medication). Basically all the medication tested had more than 90-95% of remaining active ingredient 10 post expiration date. (The experiment was started in the 1980s).

I have caffeine tabs expiring in 2001 and they still have the same kick.

Its a legal thing above all else. And secondly, its an economic thing.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Alex. That puts my mind at ease.

I got an email back from my supplier and they said that with my next order, the caffeine is free. So I will get a free bottle out of this in the end (5$ value).


Better than nothing. I would still go ahead and use the one you got too. I'm sure it's fine.