Caffeine Done Proper

With all the talk on stims recently I thought would just give my experience on caffeine.

BTW ive tried:
ephedrine - wonderful but for post anxiety/paranoia

Spike - not tried yet

Power Drive - very little, maybe just placebo?

Most people are probably immune to the ‘hit’ of caffeine. They simply take too much. Once upon a time I drank tea with breakfast and then later in morning, then had a coffee in the afternoon and then went back to tea when finishing work. I didnt feel a thing and called people arseholes who stated they did.

Then I went traveling in Oz and didnt want the hot drinks. However, I gave the caffeine one last chance and started on the Gloria Jeans (like starbucks but better) before training and only once a day; no other caffeine sources were consumed. I was amazed at the ‘hit’. I even had to limit the cup size to ‘large’ instead of ‘tall’ so the anxiety didnt kick in.

The training went very well and I now value caffeine.

Thats it, take it or leave it.

Have you become the latest self-appointed expert on supplements?

I agree with you. I used to drink 3 or 4 pepsi’s a day. I could even drink one and fall asleep minutes later, no caffeine effect at all. I stopped drinking it entirely about a year ago and now when I have anything with caffeine I notice it big time.

Haha thats funny as well Chris; take it your moderating this forum?!

Just making up for lost time after being away for such a while.

I just F****n love supplements!!!

Hey good to hear you caught on, better late than never.

Yes stims dont abuse them, but use them, and they are a valued tool.

[quote]Rich Hand wrote:
I just F****n love supplements!!![/quote]

WTF is wrong with you?