Caffeine/Cortisol Conundrum

I’ve read all the articles saying not to drink caffeine after a workout, but I can’t seem to find out for how long…If I work out at noon, how long until I can have a cup of coffee without detrimental effects on my cortisol levels? Thanks!

Who recommended this?

And what is their opinion on these massive doses of caffeine that people use in their pre workouts?

My reward post workout is my energy drink. I’ve gotten pretty big and strong while doing that. I think you’ll be fine.

Here in Sweden strong coffee is the foundation in every aspect of life. I have always had 5-10 cups (mugs is more correct) a day since 30 years back, and have yet to see any detrimental effects. Our rather long life expectancy is a warrant for continued (ab-)use. This means I do not use any additional caffeine (as in preworkout drinks).

But - If I drink too many cups earlier in the day, I tend to feel a bit dehydrated sometimes, which can affect my performance in the gym. But, this was not what you asked for, was it? I often consume coffee post-workout without any problems.

Multiple articles from TNation.

you sleep well ? are you stressed ?

I generally sleep well and don’t feel too stressed.

try to stop cafeine after your workout and see if you sleep better and less stress. if not you got your answer

Well they’re idiots.

The vast majority of these guys writing attention grabbing articles about obscure physiological boogymen belong more on Instagram showing their man tits to teen age fan boys than anywhere that has to do with strength and conditioning.

How did anybody ever succeed without them?

I can think of reading about one real case of a guy having a little bit of a hiccup during a contest prep when he was slicing down completely and pushing absolute limits of natty performance.

Or chronically when cortisol/inflammation actually can be a legit medical concern requiring the attention of a professionals.

But if that’s not you, what’s the concern?