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Caffeine Catastrophe

Today’s supplementation tip comes from Chris Shugart:

Caffeine Catastrophe

Most fat loss supplements contain a little caffeine because it can potentiate the other ingredients. Also, caffeine can be a decent metabolism booster and performance enhancer.

However, now that ephedrine has been banned, some supplement makers are using a boatload of caffeine, not because it helps you lose fat, but because it jacks you up and makes you think it’s accomplishing something because you’ll be able to “feel it.” These products cost less than 40 cents a bottle to make and often sell for over $50.

Since no one will pay that much for caffeine, other names for caffeine or caffeine-containing substances are used on the label:

Guarana Extract

Paullinia cupana

Brazilian cocoa

1,3,7 trimethylxanthine

Yerba Mat?

Green Tea Extract

Kola Nut

If that’s all that’s in your fat loss supplement, you’re being duped by a “padded” label!

Thats interesting that you mention Green Tea extract. An incredible amount of less than Scrupulous supplement manufacturers are promoting this as a “main” or “active” ingrediant. Great tip!