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Caffeine-Any Effects On Libido/Testosterone?

I have never taken in much caffeiene, however I started drinking some green tea last week. I was drinking a relatively good sized amount, sometimes around 5-8 cups for a few days last week. During this time, I found my libido absolutly outrageous. I’ve been taking Alpha Male for around 3 weeks and attributed to this kicking in. However, this past week, I have cut green tea back to around 3-4 cups a day, and my sex drive is not that of a 15 year old like it was last week. Does anybody know if caffeiene consumption is in anyway tied to libido? I did a google a little while ago and actually saw one study relating caffeiene to low testosterone, this was the first I have heard of this. Any insight?

In fact the caffeine can do that, also the ephrine, but its very rare.

you was drinking a lot of tea, so that side efect show up, you have to start slowly whit the coffe, maybe a cup or two, not eight and you will be fine.

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I have found that when I take too much caffeine,I cant get it on. nothing. no response.

Some have said that it’s green tea specifically that has this effect, not caffeine. When some guys switch from coffee (which has much more caffeine than green tea) to green tea, they notice much more wood.

Likely increased catecholamine levels which are linked to sexual arousal.