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caffeine and sudafed

I had a client take a caffeine product with 375 mg caffeine per serving,also took a sudafed (had a cold),starting shaking like a parkinsons patient…looked them up in the PDR,caffeine abd sudafed together may increase risk of cvs…and cns stimulatory effects,WHAT ABOUT USING THIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS??

Ugh, first, I should say up front that I HATE pseudoephedrine. It pisses me off that ephedrine, which clears the system pretty quickly and has a lower rate of side effects per effective average dose, is at risk of being banned, yet there are 120mg Sudafed capsules sold OTC all over the country. It may work as a replacement for ephedrine in an ECA stack, but it lasts much longer, keeping your heart rate higher for a greater period of time, which is much riskier than the shorter-acting ephedrine. That’s my little rant…it may or may not work, but the sides, and risks, will be greater.