Caffeine and Sleepiness

I assisted to Charles Poliquin’s mini-conference in Ottawa, ON a couple of weeks ago and he had mentionned something that really picked on my curiousity; he said that a very small percentage (as low as 2%)of people who drank coffee suffered from drowsiness (sleepiness). That effect was induced by consuming coffee or any form of caffeine.

I haven’t had the chance to ask him what causes the sleepiness. I tried to find some concrete answers, without any luck!!! Can anyone here help me with that issue???

Coffee gets my drowsy 'cos its a warm drink. Besides that I don’t know how it can be a depressant.

It makes me dorwsy. I don’t remember it doing so when I was a whole lot younger, but I can’t remember for sure. I suspect it may have something to do with how an individuals tolerance develops. Ritalin will also put me to sleep sometimes.

I only drink caffiene in the morning because of habit, taste, and primarily because it helps me have a good shit. It definitely does not help me function better mentally in the morning. This is normal quantities I’m talking about; large quantities give me that stimulant burnout feeling which is in some ways wakeful but also quite lethargic.

[quote]fahd wrote:
Coffee gets my drowsy 'cos its a warm drink. Besides that I don’t know how it can be a depressant.

It’s depressing when there’s no warm croissant to go with it.

I dunno…coffee just doesn’t affect me much anymore…6 shots of espresso will get me goin…thats about it though…

Actually, thats odd. I was thinking about this the other day. I think I might actually fall into that category, of drowsiness, but I’m not exactly sure.

I typically get 8 and a half hours of sleep, which tends to be great for a university student. I wake up in the mornings about an hour and a half before class, eat a sufficiently large breakfast, and then drag my up of coffee to my 8:30 am class.

But since September I’ve noticed that after I consume my coffee, about 15-30 minutes later I start to get sleepy all over again. At that time I’ve learned to consume copious amounts of water, and halt the drowsy feelings.

I initally thought that perhaps it was just me getting up to close to classtime, or the class itself not interesting me. But, then the other morning, (Monday of all times) I forgot my coffee, and didn’t get the sleepy feeling. So, i’m not sure.

I’d believe someone if they told me it was my consumption of caffeine. But, let’s hope this is my imagination, otherwise my next cutting cycle could be a bit of a bitch.

yeah i’ve noticed that i definitely get drowsy- sometimes but not all the time. i have no idea why. also my reaction to Spike, which was consistently awesome through two bottles has now turned on me a bit and the high is no longer so clean.

must be some chemistry huh ?

Coffee acts on the adenosine receptors and perhaps, should block it’s effect. Could be because in some cases, individual’s receptors develop a blocking mechanism to caffeine. This is only hypothical. I don’t have anything concrete yet. I am waiting for an answer for Dr. Berardi on this!!