Caffeine and insulin sensitivity

Can anyone give me a reason as to why caffeine downgrades insulin sensitivity? Argh, I’ve looked in several journals and none of them have what I’m looking for. If you know of a journal that can explain it, a reference would be enough. Thanks

I dont know where to find any journals or studies but I do know that the adrenal glands are effected strongly by caffeine. Over time excessive caffeine or stimulant intake weakens the adrenals and by this effect insulin sensitivity is reduced as strong adrenal function is closely related with good insulin sensitivity and vice versa.

So how much can I screw up my workouts/muscle gains and fat loss by having that 3-4 shots of espresso for breakfast and the one shot of espresso at lunch?? Weekends I lay off and just have a coke at lunch.

WHOA! akidoka- Im not a coffee/espresso guy, but doesnt each shot have as much caffeine as 1 cup of coffee? if you do 4 shots, thats 800mg of caffeine! do you not feel your heart skipping beats, not get jittery? that is a lot of caffeine… if nothing else, the stress it puts on your heart is not what I would consider good… And if you ever use any thermogenic like MD6 or others, you are impairing its effectivenes due to your high tolerance to caffeine.
if I am wrong on the coffee-espresso comparison, please let me know, because I do not like harboring false information. Thanks.

Espresso, Eh? Actually, most people don’t know this, but despite espresso tasting about 12X stronger than coffee it has much less caffeine. Darker roasts will have less caffeine content (espresso usually having the darkest of all) and the process fo steaming, opposed to traditional drip methods, destroys caffeine molecules. If one were wanting aa safer, more caffeine free drink espresso is definately the way to go.

BoogaBrain- where did you find this? not being a dick, but being curious. I would truly like to read about it, cuz I honestly thought espresso was some serious caffeine. thanks.

Sorry Kelly, but I’m having a hard time making a connection from the adrenal glands to the pancreas. Do the adrenal glands affect glut transporters? or the pancreas itself? Or is cAmp somehow involved? oh man, i got a headache now.

Well low adrenal function, sluggish metabolism, and insulin sensitivity are connected. I can’t tell you exactly by which mechanism this is accomplished but doesn’t it make sense that if you slow your functions down enough (by overworking adrenals) your body’s not going to respond the same to food?

Yes I was told by a coffee guru that indeed espresso is weaker in caffeine than regular coffee. Think about it you dont drink the same amount of coffee in oz. that you do in espresso. Usually you dont have a 12oz espresso, you may have some latte crap in there but its not 12 oz of espresso.

ok… i see. so extensive use of stimulants will cause a decrese in insulin sensitivity. Logically, that makes sense.

I just wanted to know if taking MD6 before a workout was going to affect the efficacy of Surge.


Well that is interesting that espresso may have less caffeine than coffee. As for jitters - nope and I was using the full md6 dose for a time as well. Of course I did find out I was near adrenal burn out after that. I thought at the time it was just the thermogenics and stress, lack of sleep, low calories etc. Now I have to rethink that and look at serioulsy lowering my caffeine consumption due to the other issues mentioned here. The only time caffeine affects me “badly” is if I have some in the afternoon - then I cant sleep at all. Actually had some funny stories because of that.

Here are some references for you. I got these
from John Berardi. I read the full studies,
and the more I learn about the effects of
caffeine on insulin sensitivity, the more I
think chronic caffeine use is a baaaad thing.

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Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info guys! I have been silently mulling over my intake for quite some time…I got severely hooked in my last Job…Inside Sales for a major corp…I have been ingesting 6-8 cans of DT pop for FAR too long…My coworkers slugged down donuts…I opted for dt dew…Time to cut back ASAP. What’s the Minimum amount that will not downgrade my adrenals and receptors? Any ideas?