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Caffeine and Hyperglycemia


Has anyone seen studies or heard of any correlation between high caffeine usage and hyperglycemia? If so, does that mean I can get diabetes if I drink too much coffee?



You're vastly over analyzing this.

  • High-doses of caffeine before a meal can cause problem with blood sugar control and insulin. (single meal test only). High dose = 5mg/kg given before a meal (500mg for a 100kg person)
  • epidemiology studies: 17 of 20 showed positive effect on diabetes and glucose metabolism, 3 showed no effect but 0 showed negative effects (coffee/caffeine consumption)
  • rat data: caffeine can reduce bodyweight, fat pad weight and even fat cell number


Having studied this in an upper level college course, I might draw from that experience.

For simplicity sake, I will write simply. Caffeiene triggers a stress response in your body upon ingestion. One element of this response is the liver releases stored glycogen into your blood stream, increasing syrum glucose.

This made some researchers curious, as you are, about whether or not caffeine can be linked to diabetes. However, all research I have encountered has shown up negative. There is no sutdy indicating that caffeine leads to diabetes.

This having been said, marijuana and alcohol cause similar glycogen releases and ARE linked to development of diabetes.


To much caffeine will cause adrenal fatigue/exhaustion, leaving one with extra cortisol, then comes the insulin resistance.
How much caffeine is to much? depends on diet, background etc.


Thanks for the info guys.


Marijuana linked to diabetes? You care to back that up?