Caffeine and Creatine

Hey there, this may be a newbie question, but I heard the other day that caffeine cancels out the effect of the creatine, is this true?

I like my cup of coffee before hitting the gym, but if its cancelling out the effect of the creatine, then I am just wasting money!
Thanks for any help

It has a negative effect yes, but it dosen’t “cancel it out.” If you’re worried, just take your creatine after you work out.

the studies that I have read show that you are actually better off taking your creatine after your workout anyway as this is when absorption will peak.

Thanks, I’m also reading that Creatine is most effective when taken before the workout,

“* A lot of people think taking creatine prior to a workout isn’t a good idea, but recent research has shown that it’s actually one of the most effective times to take it.” Christian Thibaudeau article

I’ll give up the caffeine if I need to, but its just nice to have that boost for when I hit the iron… thanks again

Now I’ve read on the forum that caffeine and creatine don’t mix. But nutrition director here at athletes’ performance says otherwise. He said the research done in those papers were not good. I don’t know which to think, but I’m currently not using creatine, so I haven’t looked into it.

We all post and say things, but can anyone back their claims up on this?

I drink plenty of coffee throughout the day and it doesn’t affect me - I do 6 weeks on creatine and 4 weeks off, and I can tell when the creatine kicks in. If it reduces the impact of creatine, it can’t be by much. That’s my personal experience anyway.

This is actually wrong. Creatine and caffine don’t cancel each other out.

There’s one study that showed creatine didn’t perform as an ergogenic aid when combined with caffine. However, the exercising parameters of that study were a joke and don’t highlight creatine’s attributes and that same study still showed supplemented creatine increased PCr → this means creatine still “worked”.