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Caffeine and Citrulline?

First question, for someone trying to gain mass is caffeine a good choice as a performance booster? I read a lot of conflicting info so I’m wondering what everyone’s experience is. Supposedly it constricts blood vessels, which makes me think I’m not getting as good of a pump as I could.

I know it’s popular to help with weight LOSS, so I’m not sure if it’s working against me in terms of protein synthesis and messing with my metabolism.

And just for overall health, what’s your experience with long term caffeine use if any. I’m only 27, I don’t want to end up 40 with issues.

Next is about citrulline. At one point I took citrulline with juice before a workout and no caffeine. Im wondering if the effects I felt were in my head. I know you can’t tell me that, but if others felt similar effects it might be enough proof. With a few scoops I felt an awesome energy boost, but it felt different than caffeine. It’s hard to exain. But if I’m really not benefiting from it I don’t want to waste my money. It’s been a while so just wanted some reviews.

Thanks in advance

I take a caffeine tablet a half hour before every training session and I have for several years. I find its the best pre workout and I definitely notice a difference in the gym if I forget to take it. I have tried pre-workout powders but found 1) I built a tolerance very quickly; 2) they gave me crazy lower back pumps during every squat and deadlift session which as a powerlifter I found counterproductive; and 3)
they are MUCH more expensive than buying, say, a pack of 200 caffeine pills. For these reasons I think caffeine is the superior pre-workout and I will use it indefinitely. It doesn’t give you the immediate “buzz” that a pre workout powder does but once you build that tolerance to PWO that disappears anyway. As far as the long-term health effects, I believe the jury is still out on that in the scientific community.

Never taken citrulline so can’t help you there.

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Forgot to add: caffeine will not make you lose weight if you’re not dieting. I have had no problem gaining since I started taking it.

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Citrulline’s primary mechanism is vasodilation. It doesn’t have stimulatory effects that I am aware of. If you mean energy boost in the terms of something like a pre-workout, it was probably in your head.

Caffeine is a vasconstrictor, but it’s performance enhancement mechanisms will likely offset any reductions in performance from the vasoconstriction. As far as long term benefits, coffee is pretty much magical looking at some of the recent literature that is coming out about it. If you tolerate it fine and don’t overdue it, I do not see much cause for worry.

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Citrulline didn’t give me an stim effect. I just felt more awake. At least I think.haha. I also took.it early in training while doing full bodys. Back then it was tough for me to finish a workout, and I remember having no problem finishing while taking citrulline. The days I missed taking it or ran out I went back to get exhausted pretty quickly although I could’ve just been having an off day. It’s hard to say I only took it for a couple months.

How many times a week do you train?

Full bodys 3 times a week

I train 4x / week

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One of the classic Fat Burning Stacks “used” to be :slight_smile:
Caffeine , Aspirin and Ma Haung .

So you have a CNS stimulant , blood thinner and additional stim.

As far as the Citrulline , I am using 200mg Caffeines , 325 Aspirin and 7 Grams of Citruilline

four days a week and it seems to be working very well for ME.