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Caffeine, ALA, & Metformin

I’m wondering if either ALA or Metformin
can be used to fully offset the insulin
desensitizing effects of caffeine. I realize
that Biotest adds ALA in MD6 with the
caffeine, but does the ALA increase insulin
sensitivity enough to offset the loss caused
by caffeine? If not, then what about
Metformin? Since Metformin is more potent
at increasing insulin sensitivity than ALA,
would Metformin be able to offset the loss
caused by caffeine? Or perhaps the
combination? Or is the only way to avoid this
effect of caffeine simply to not use it?

Well,I doubt there are correct figures regarding “strength” of ALA vs. caffeine. If you have access to Metformin,go for it, but be careful-even low doses like 850mg (one tablet) can make some people feel sick(rare). Again, I don’t know how much caffeine decreases insulin sensitivity, but it is usually said that Metformin increases it by 20%. As I see it (and maybe I’m wrong), only ALA’s advantages is that it will not make you sick at any quantity.Anything to add Sasa or Vedran?