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CAFEEINE inhbits synthesis of EPA/DHA from ALA for 6 hours?

I read that ceffeine stops ala from converting to epa/dha for 6 hours! is that true?

does anyone know

I hope not…guess I’ll have to eat more fish oil.

I think the T-mag experts are holding out on us so they can put an article on this subject in the next issue. And that is because I think that so sort of fish oil additive is going to be their next product. I hope I am right because I use a lot of UDO’s oil right now and am very curious as to the effect caffeine has on fats.

This is true. It is recommended you take fish oil caps instead of flax while using caffeine.

I don’t know specifically if caffeine inhibits conversion but conversion can vary by a fairly wide margin anyway and some people convert more than others etc. Especially when considering that if you’re looking for a good total amount of DHA/EPA this comes out to 6 grams per day…I would imagine like anything else the body can tone down or ramp up conversion considerably. This is why it’s probably better to just go ahead and take EPA/DHA in the form of fish oils instead of using flax oil which has to go through this conversion process.

caffeine. C-A-F-F-E-I-N-E. caffeine.

What? It ALA does not convert to anything! You read wrong.

Who cares? If you’re taking EPA/DHA, don’t worry about it. If you’re not, start taking fish oils!

I drink alot of green tea which i am sure has a little caffeine. So your telling me my green tea will now prevent my flax oil from converting to EPA???