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Caesium32's Training Log

23/12/20 - W3 D2

Bench press:

Lat pull-down: 10x32, 6x46, 8x72 (PR), 13x53

Only had about 20 minutes after work before I had to get ready to go somewhere so this was all I could get done. The gym is shut on the 25th and 26th so I’m going tomorrow (Thursday) instead of Friday like usual. I’ll try to make up for everything then especially since I’ll have an extra day of rest.

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24/12/20 - W3 D3

Bench press:

Hammer low row: 10x40, 12x60 (PR), 10x50

Well I had planned for a big session today but once again didn’t have time so did the bare minimum. The nice thing with having a single goal right now is that I can get away with doing so little while still working towards it.

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29/12/20 - W4 D1

Bench press:

Dumbbell row: 10x20, 5x30, 10x46 (PR), 21x30

Hammer strength row: 3x10x50
Standing dumbbell OHP: 3x10x10s

Leg press 20x0, 8x40, 20x40

Lying leg raise: 2x8
Crunches: 2x8

Few bits to report on here:

  • Had to take an extra day off because of Christmas gym closures and another because of some personal stuff. The gym is also closed this weekend because of New Year so only option really this week is to go Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
  • The 3x weekly bench finally started catching up to me last Friday with some shoulder discomfort. I had hoped the four days off would help but still had a bit of discomfort today. Considering this and the fact I’m going to the gym three days in a row, I’ve gone from 3 sets to 2 per day.
  • Starting to approach my limit with dumbbell rows. Adding weight still but losing a rep or two each 2kg added. Goal is still to get to 50kg in two weeks. I’m certain I can do a rep but hopefully I’ll be able to get 8+ to make it a decent set.
  • While my shoulder didn’t feel amazing while benching, I did feel strong, probably my strongest ever.

Will do another post about my T-ransformation start point later.

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T-ransformation 2021 Starting Point

Weight is 85.9kg but I expect that is inflated a bit from all the rubbish I’ve been eating recently. Similarly I’m pretty bloated right now so that should make the first bit of weight easy to lose.

The plan is to maintain this weight until 18th January then I will start a diet aiming for a weight loss of 0.5kg to 1kg per week until 1st June. I’ll adjust as I go along but I want a top 3 placing this year so I’m going to be putting in the work. I’ll be in the best shape I ever have by June.

Training wise I’m not 100% sure yet but I think I’ll follow an 4x a week upper lower split for the first half of the competition and a more body part oriented split for the second half.


Someone in my household has tested positive for COVID-19 so I’ve got to self isolate for 10 days. That means no gym or weights (they’re at my parents’ house). Obviously this hampers my plan to bench press 100kg in a few weeks.

Right now I’m unsure what to do. Any sort of home workouts will be difficult to do because of space so I’ll assume the worst which is that I do nothing. In terms of diet it seems like the best thing is to start loosing weight now. I’ve no reason to carry on gaining but I’m kind of scared that a calorie deficit with no exercise will zap all the muscle I have.

With benching being the goal, could be a great time to do my 1000 push ups workout.

Every minute, on the minute, 20 push ups for 50 minutes.

Be sure to scale as needed.

10 days should be enough time to recover from it.


On the back of @T3hPwnisher post (which I recommend), I’ve also been doing a modified Murph which seems to provide a pretty good full body workout without any equipment or leaving the house.

“Half Murph”
20 rounds:

10 push ups
15 squats

If you’re actually free to go outside as well (I do it with my little girl there so i can’t), a mile run at the start and end gets you even closer to a full Murph.

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@T3hPwnisher that’s a great suggestion thank you.

@dagill2 can’t leave the garden but I like the look of that too, thank you.

I think I’m going to forget the bench goal now and move onto the next thing which is being less fat. I’ll chase a bigger bench press in summer after I’ve lost some weight.

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Forgot to update here: I’ve tested positive for COVID 19 now. Had a day or two where I felt pretty rough but I feel a bit better now so I’m hoping I’m over the worst.

I have to isolate until the 12th now but I suspect the UK will go into lockdown again by then and the gyms will close. I’m not sure what I’ll do workout wise if that’s the case but will look into it more later.

Finally, I’m starting dieting today, two weeks earlier than I had planned.


Get well soon

Thanks mate, hope you’re doing well.

Rant/ramble ahead - more for my own benefit as a sort of diary entry than anything else. Read at your own risk of boredom.

Another UK lockdown has been announced with gyms closed until at least mid-February. I am living with my girlfriend at her parents’ house so I don’t have access to the garage gym I’ve used previously which is at my parents’ house. There is also not much room here to do bodyweight workouts and what not. Especially with it not being my house, I don’t want to get in the way of the four other people living here.

Even though it was expected and I feel like it is needed, my initial reaction is I’m feeling surprisingly disheartened. Of course there are much, much bigger issues for most people right now and I’m very privileged to have relatively little else to worry about. It helps to vent my thoughts here though and then at least I don’t have to do it to other people with bigger problems.

The way I see it I have two main paths I can take:

  1. Let it get me down, fall off the wagon and at best come out of this lockdown similar to how I am now. More likely I’ll have less muscle and more fat.
  2. Continue to diet and come out in a good position to either continue dieting or gain muscle afterwards. By dieting I might lose more muscle but I also might not since I’ll be more likely to actually eat enough protein when I’m dieting which should help muscle retention.

Looks like number two is a clear winner. I’ll end up less fat and closer to my goals. Any lost muscle I can get back later and it’ll look better because I’ll be less fat. Sorted.

Exercise wise I could maybe get some dumbbells from my house to use in the garden if the weather allows, maybe even a barbell to keep outside. I will have to think about it some more and see if anyone minds so might not happen but it’s an option to consider. My bike is here too - the tyres on it are not particularly suited for bad weather but it’ll be fine if it’s just wet so that’s good.

Finally, I’ll definitely get to spend more time with my girlfriend than I would otherwise which is nice and something we have both enjoyed through the other lockdowns. And of course, it’s important to remember why the lock down is being done.

As I said, just a ramble really but I feel better having written this out and got my thoughts on ‘paper’.

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T-ransformation 2021 - Week 1 Summary

I’m back and want to update my progress so far for the T-ransformation. This will be a weekly thing because I know it’ll keep me more accountable and ultimately lead to better results. Plus, I did it years ago and it’s interesting to look back on.

So as I mentioned in my last update, my household and I all had COVID-19. Today is my last day of isolation and physically I’ve felt back to normal for the last few days. It’s been a bit tougher mentally; being stuck inside for two weeks robbed me of my enthusiasm for basically everything and I’ve made very little effort with my diet. I definitely have not eaten as much so that’s good for my weight loss but I’ve probably barely eaten any protein.

I last got weighed on Saturday and was 84.65kg so down 1.25kg from where I started. I expected this because a lot of the weight was no doubt holiday bloat and not eating much will have helped.

Even though we are back in lockdown, I feel a lot better today knowing I can go outside tomorrow even if it’s just for a walk around the block. I’m going to get my parents to leave a pair of dumbbells outside the house for me to collect so I can do some weight training too. My girlfriend is also starting her diet today and we are both going to count calories. This week I plan to try and eat just reasonably and see how much that is and how it affects my weight. I’ll adjust calories based on that for next week.

Future updates will be a lot less ramble-y and straight to the point but i felt it was important to give a detailed update on where things are. In summary, I’m back and things are looking ok.



Got my 15kg dumbbells from my parents house. Will do a more substantial workout later but this was a a good start given how long it’s been.

Farmers style carry about 150m from my car then:

Dumbbell overhead press: 2x8x15s
Dumbbell row: 2x10x15s

These are pretty tough for me to overhead press so plenty of room to work on that. How I did the rows made them fairly hard too so a good amount of room there too.

Will go on a bike ride tomorrow.



High incline dumbbell press: 5, 15x15s

Head supported dumbbell row: 5, 18x15s

Close stance pause squat: 10, 8xBW

Dumbbell RDL: 5, 10x15s

Crunches: x14

Felt good to do some lifting again. This is probably the format I’ll go with for the time being and probably aim for 3x a week. Eccentrics were all very slow and focussed on feeling the muscles - doing all I can to get the most out of what weight I have. I might also add another set to each exercise but I’ll see how I feel as I go on. At the moment I’m going to failure but there’s also the option of more volume and lower intensity if things get too easy and reps too high.

Squats especially got me a bit out of breath, more than I would expect anyway. Not sure if it’s lingering effects from COVID or just a lack of cardio right now but either way I’ll have to build that back up. I was hoping to get out on the bike today but the weather isn’t permitting.

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