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Caesium32's Training Log


Bench press:
5x10x40 (60s rest)

Hammer chest press: 8x40, 13x65 (PR)

Seated dumbbell OHP: 15x10s, 8x16s

Cable lateral raises: 15, 10, 10x5

Tricep push-down: 15x35, 15x30

Overhead cable extension: 10x15, 8x15

Bench felt much better than last week - had some explosiveness again and the 5x10 was the easiest it’s been and with the least rest. Still progressing the hammer press too even if it’s just one rep at a time. I’ve put dumbbell overhead press on the back burner for now, as long as it’s a solid effort I’m happy.

Occurred to me earlier that I’m burning the candle at both ends at the minute. I’m cycling several times a week, pushing the progression on my workouts and losing weight too. Once I go back to university in a few weeks I’ll be starting to gain weight again and probably cycling less so I’m not going to change anything for now but it’s something to note.



Stretching: 10 mins

Assault bike: 2 mins

Squat: 5x5x20 - just feeling things out

Dumbbell RDL: 3x10x14s

Leg extension: 10x20, 30, 35, 40, drop set: 10x45-10x35-10x25

Hip close machine: 2x25x30

Hip open machine: 2x20x20

Hanging leg raise: 2x8

some great training the last couple sessions

Thanks. The leg sessions could be better but the upper body stuff is going well.


Single arm lat pull-down:
13x28 (PR)

Dumbbell row:
17x36 (PR) (+2 reps, +2kg from last week)

Hammer strength row: 14, 12, 10, 12x40

Rear delt flyes: RP: 25-10-8-5-2x4s

Dumbbell shrug: 15, 12, 12x12s
Barbell curl: 15x10, 7x20, 12x10

Concentration curl: 9, 7x4s

Still setting PRs on the pull-downs and finally caught up to my all time PRs with the dumbbell rows. Previous PR is 18x35 which is probably about the same but 36kg is technically the heaviest I’ve rowed. If I had known my PR was that before the workout I’m sure I’d have found the strength for another rep.

Plan is to row the 38kg dumbbell next week and 40kg the week after and let the reps drop off if need be. 40kg is the heaviest dumbbell at my uni gym and it’s been a long-time goal to row it, I also set a goal of 8x40 by October during summer so hopefully I can get that.

Bike ride

Got killed by the wind here but was flying on the way back once I was out of it. Funnily I overtook an old guy a couple miles from home who i had been slowly gaining on for a few miles. Once I went past him i knew I’d have to go a bit faster to get away but he sped up a lot too so that made a fun chase to end.

Also spent the first few miles on rough gravel and off-road tracks so went a bit slow there. I’m enjoying spending a few miles off road bouncing around then blasting down on tarmac for the final part. Fitness is improving fast.


Hammer chest press: 2x8x40, 5x60, 15x70 (PR), 12x50, 20x30

Flat dumbbell bench: 2x12x14s, 20x14s

Seated dumbbell OHP: 12, 9, 7x14s

Cable lateral raises: 15, 12, 10x5

Tricep push-down: 20x35, 16x30

Unfortunately due to work I had to go at the busiest time of the day and no bench was free so had to skip that. Smashed my chest press PR adding two reps and 5kg. Did did bench instead, which is something I should do more and got easier set by set. In the near future I’ll start pushing either flat or slight incline dumbbell bench as my second pressing exercise I think.

Doesn’t look like too much written down but it was done fast and the intensity was high. Three sets of chest press and dumbbell OHP to failure and everything else was close. Strength seems to be going up and weight coming down slowly.



Assault bike: 5 mins steady

Giant set
Leg raise: 4x8
KB swing: 2x5x16
Ab wheel: 2x5
Single leg glute raise: 4x3 with 5s pause

Hip close: 4x25x30

Hip open: 4x25x20

Walking lunges: 2x10 each leg

Squat: 2x5x20, 3x5x40

Assault bike:
8x10s on/20s off - 43.1 cals (PR)
5 mins steady

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