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Caesium32's Training Log



Back to full body

Bench press:
10x60 (warmups felt good, this felt terrible)

Lateral raises: 3x10x5s

Lat pull-down:
3x10x39, 10x42, 8x45 (3s eccentric)

Chest supported row: 3x10x35


Lying hamstring curl: 10x60, 70, 80

Decline sit ups: 3x5

Time: 50 mins

Good workout but also felt pretty rubbish, Monday’s are always long days for me. I am looking forward to seeing how this pans out.



Overhead press: 2x10x20, 5x8x30
Hang power clean: 10x20, 5x5x30

Squat: 2x10x20, 10x40, 3x10x60

RDLs: 3x10x70

Time: 50 mins

Took my time A LOT. My conditioning is terrible, I need to sort it.


Look at Brian Alsruhes programs.
You don’t have to do his programs, but try giant setting your lifts.

Something like:
boxjump or just jump x3-5/squat/hanging leg raise/burpees.
KB swings/RDL or DL/planks/mountain climbers
Row/bench/crunch/rope skip
chins/press/side plank/row.

10-15 sec between exercises 90 sec rest between each giant set.
Do 2 giant sets each workout.
Your condition will skyrocket.


I’ve seen basically all of his videos up to a couple of months ago so I’m fairly familiar with his stuff but maybe I could do with watching some of his programming videos again.

I’ve written some stuff out I wanna try and I’m fairly happy with how it looks but I could always add giant sets.

Thanks for the suggestion!



Bench press (90s rest): 2x10x20, 10x40, 5x8x50

Dumbbell row (90s rest): 4x10x20, 20x20 (straps)

Superset (60s rest)
Assisted chin: 3x8x40
Assisted dip: 3x8x40

Squat (120s rest): 2x10x20, 3x10x40

Time: 50 mins

This is what I need to be doing. I feel as though I’ve been beaten up but it has to happen, I didn’t realise how out of shape I’d gotten.

The upper body stuff wasn’t too bad and I often found myself checking my watch when i was ready and finding it was only at 1 minute. The squats left me feeling sick and massively out of breath though- the weight doesn’t seem too big of a factor I think it’s just the act of squatting. Now I’m back home I think the volume on big movements and has caught up with me and I just feel tired all over.

Tomorrow is a lighter, more conditioning focussed day where I’m going to do a barbell complex and BW exercises.



Complex (2 mins rest)
Push press, RDL, front squat, hang power clean, barbell row, back squat:

Superset (60s rest)
BW squat: 10x10
Press up: 10x5

Lots of stretching

Back extensions: BWx10, x15

Calf raise (5s eccentric, 5s stretch): 6x35

Time: 50 mins



Overhead press:
Same as below
Hang power clean:

No rest then

Squat: 20x50

Time: 20 mins

Had plans this evening so needed to rush. Set of squats was the best in a long time- felt very solid and strong.



Bench press (90s rest): 2x10x20, 10x40, 5x10x50

Dumbbell row (90s rest): 5x12x20

Squat (105s rest): 2x10x20, 4x10x40

Time: 40 mins

For some reason I got a crazy MMC and pump from bench and it made it really hard but it was good too. My arms would have failed on another rep on that last set. Squats were much better than last week- one more set and 15s less rest but easier. My conditioning is improving fast.

Need to do three sets of assisted dips and chins next session that I missed today.