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Caesium32's Training Log




Leg extension: 3x15


RDL: 10x60, 8x70, 6x80

Time: 30 mins

Doesn’t seem like much written down but this was tough and got some good plans to progress it in future weeks. The back pump was silly after this and my hamstrings and calves are just aching sitting here.


Set of 20 on the squats are crazy ! Have fun


Yeah I actually wanted to do 2 sets of 20x50 but wimped out on the second because my legs felt like lead. I definitely could have done it though so once quite annoyed.

I’ve done 20x60 quite a few times, some fairly easy so that’s the baseline to aim for to start with. My rep PR with 80kg is 14 reps so that’s next after and if I could get 14 I probably could have got 20 with a bit extra pain so I’ve a long way to go haha.


When I haven’t done it in a while high reps are very tough just work up slowly and you’ll be able to get back there


Yeah I’ve noticed that. I think it comes back quite fast but while I’m getting used to it there seems to be a big drop off in what I can do.


High rep squats takes a lot out of you.
Mentally it’s tough to do the second set, next time shoot for 20 then 15 for the second set… and when you get to 15, take to deep breath and tell yourself it’s only 5 more.
Things are moving well over here. Still chasing that pump?
Think it’s the right thing to start with bench and then do pec deck after. With a little lighter weight focus on pec contraction.


Still chasing the pump haha just need to be eating more and putting enough effort in.

Definitely going to try benching first next time, I had hoped it would warm my chest up but it seems to make it feel worse.



Lat pull-down:
15x35, 10x42, 10x49, 8x56, drop set: 8x56+5x42 w/ 5s eccentric

Dumbbell row: 2x6x25, 20x25 (PR)

Chest supported row:
3x8x35 (1s squeeze, 3s eccentric)

Face pull: 20xlvl3, 20xlvl4, 15xlvl5, 10xlvl6

Superset (no rest)
Concentration curls: 3x12x5s
Rear delt raises: 2x15x2.5s, dropset: 10x5+10x2.5s

Time: 35 mins

After a bit of experimenting I really like how this is set out and the exercises and my whole back feels like it’s been worked well. Only issue is I still can’t get a MMC in my biceps, particularly the right one.


Try standing Fat gripz curls with a squeeze at the top. Do all reps on your right side then the left. Also a good way to warm up the MMC with biceps is Band curls. Slow concentric squeezing as hard as you can, hold peak contraction with a nice squeeze and slowly resist band on the way down. Sets of 20 for these as a warmup even will light your biceps on fire!


To be honest I can’t be bothered taking fat gripz to the gym just for curls at the end but I might try the tempo you mentioned and go higher reps- thanks Duke.



RDL: 2x10x20, 10x65, 8x75, 6x75

Leg extensions: 5x15x35

Lying leg curl: 5x10x60

Walking lunges: 2x20xBW
BW squats: 2x10

Calf raises: 15x36, 8x45 (5s at top, 5s stretch at bottom)

Stretching: Lots, focussing on glutes and hips

Time: 40 mins

The same guys were squatting today the whole time I was there and I couldn’t wait any longer.

It is probably a good thing I didn’t- my hips and glutes have been really tight recently and my SI joint hurting. I think it’s from driving a lot recently and I felt quite a bit better after stretching.



Bench press:

Incline dumbbell bench (mTor):
4x12x15s+ 10x10s on last set

Pec deck (3s squeeze, 3s eccentric):
4x10x28+ 20x21 (top half only) on last set

Lateral raise (30s rest): 30x2.5s, 5x10x5s

Seated overhead press: 3x12x20 (this did not feel good)

Cable tricep pushdowns: 3x6-20 (triceps RUINED)

Time: 40 mins

Some good and some bad. I am eager to stop being rubbish at benching and need to replace the seated OHP but the right muscles were worked well.



Cable row: 15x50, 12x60, 70, 80, 90

Dumbbell row: 2x6x27.5, 20x27.5 (PR)

Rear delt flyes: 5 sets

Lat pull-down: 3x10x42, 10x49+10s isometric on last rep

Face pulls: 5x15-20xlvl4

Concentration curls:
3x20x5s (no rest) then 4 eccentrics with 20kg bar

Time: 45 mins

Great workout- back and biceps feel like they’ve worked a lot. Dumbbell rows keep going up so seem to be getting stronger too.

These last two weeks I’ve been eating a fair bit more and I feel like it’s going to my muscles and I feel less tired too. Also saw some friends I hadn’t seen since June last week and most of them commented I looked bigger.



Lat pull-down: 15x35, 15x42, 12x49, 10x56

Dumbbell row: 2x8x25, 15x25

Face pulls: 5x15-25

Cable rows: 3x10x80

Rear delt flyes: 2x15x25

Time: 30 mins

Felt rubbish so going to the gym was an achievement in itself. Got a decent amount done just a little less intense than usual.



Seated dumbbell overhead press:
2x20x5s, 15x7.5s, 10x10s, drop set: 10x12.5s+8x5s

Bench press:
11 or 12x70 (PR) (lost count, 10 is old PR)

Lateral raises: 3x20x2.5s, dropset: 10x5s+5x2.5s
Front raises: 4x10x2.5s

Pec deck:
2x15x28 (slow eccentric, pause at 90 degrees)
15x28 (as above) + 20x28 (top half only)

Tricep extensions: 25xlvl3, 15xlvl4, 12xlvl5

Time: 45 mins

Felt very explosive and ended up with one of the best chest pumps I’ve had. Between my chest and triceps driving home was rather difficult.



Squat: 2x10x20, 8x40, 3x10x60

Lying hamstring curl: 5x10x60

Time: 25 mins

Making up for missing legs last week- felt rubbish.


So I was going to have a deload in a couple of weeks then take a few weeks with some heavier weights to hit some 1RMs for the virtual meet @losthog organised but I don’t think I’ve made enough progress to be going for maxes.

Instead im going to deload this week and for the next four weeks before Christmas go to full body focussing more on the basics and eating well.



Overhead press: 3x5x20, 5x3x30

Cable rows: 5x15x50

Bench press: 2x10x20, 5x40, 3x5x50

Time: 25 mins



Deadlift: 2x3x60, 5x3x80

Calf raises: 2x10x27, 8x45 (stretch at bottom)

Leg extension: 20, 15, 10x21

Lat pull-down: 3x12x35

Time: 35 mins

Experimented putting my weight onto my toes then aggressively shifting it onto my heels as I pulled after seeing @MarkKO giving everyone advice. As you would expect it helped massively so thank you for that, Mark.


I’m very glad it helped. Thanks are due to Greg Panora though, because he’s the one who told me to do that.