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Caesium32's Training Log



How are the elbows feeling? If you have the money id suggest buying some fat gripz. No joke the second any elbow pain pops up if i do some fat gripz hammer curls, bam pain gone. So now im doing them regularly and i get zero tendonitis feeling shitty elbow whatsoever.


Yeah they have some really nice farmers handles at that gym.

I’m not in any rush to push my front squat but I think 100kg is very close so race on!

Elbows aren’t feeing too bad, most likely because I haven’t been doing a lot recently. I am hoping after a week off they’ll be fine but if not I’ll add in the Hammer curls- I already have a pair of fat gripz from years ago.

Thanks for checking in.


How is is going @caesium32 ?


Hi, it’s going great thanks. I’ve just got back from a really nice family holiday. How are you?



Cable pull-downs: 3x15

Lat pull-down: 12x42, 10x49, 6x56, 12x42

Snatch grip rack pull:

Hammer strength chest supported row (mTor):
10x40, 2x10x60, 11+4 normal x60

Rear delt raises: 3x15x2.5s

Time: 35 mins

So first day of a body part split I’m trying. Going to take a week or two to figure things out and what I like and don’t like. Going to swap the rack pulls for barbell rows but other than that everything seemed good.


Cool! I was just wondering what happened to your log ahah

Nice, keep it up. New program ?


Yeah, something I’ve sort of put together myself with what I’ve read and want to do. Hopefully it’ll be effective.


Nice! What progression are you following ? and are you still going to athletics?


I’m going to increase the intensity and add a set or two more fortnightly then repeat after six weeks with some different exercises.

I’m not at university this year so I aren’t going to athletics now but I’m already planning to be in a better place when I go back than when I left.


Sounds good ! Good luck !



Pec deck: 15x28, 2x15x35, 20x28

Incline dumbbell press (mTor): 4x10x15s (ouch)

Pause bench press:

Press ups to failure (90s rest): x12, x9, x9

Time: 30 mins

Skipped cardio and abs because I’ve been feeling run down all day and really didn’t want to be in the gym. Aside from that I got a crazy chest and tricep pump- probably the best I’ve had. Benching the bar was hard by the time I got to it.




T&G deadlift: 3x10x60

Lying hamstring curl (mTor):
20x30, 20x40, 15x50, 10x60

Time: 25 mins

Still not feeling 100% so did a bit less than I usually would and I also want to be able to walk tomorrow. Still though, that last set of hamstring curls was a killer and I could hardly walk out of the gym.



Machine rows: (mTor) 15x35, 2x10x42, 2x8x49

Cable pull-overs: 3x15

Lat pull-down: 3x10x42, 15x49

Barbell rows: 10x20, 8x40, 3x5x60

Face pulls: 4x12-15

Dumbbell curls: 2x10x7.5s

Time: 35 mins

Very uninteresting workout. Didn’t really get a good MMC tonight but feel kind of fatigued probably just front the volume I’ve done.



Pec deck: 2x15x29, 2x12x35

Dumbbell incline press (mTor): 2x12x15s, 2x10x15s

Hammer strength chest press: 4x6-8x40

Press ups: x15, x10, x10

Treadmill: 10 mins, 110 calories

Time: 40 mins

Enjoying this body part split as boring as it looks written down. Chest and triceps are ruined again. Did hammer press today instead of bench since I hardly have anything left after the dumbbell presses. Next time I’m going to do it after pec deck to get the most out of it.



Lateral raises: 2x10x2.5s, 2x10x5s, drop set: 12x5s-10x2.5s
Rear delt raises: 2x10x2.5s, 2x8x5s, drop set: 8x5s-8x2.5s

Overhead press:
5x20, 5x30, 5x35, 5x40, 2x10x30

Dumbbell curls: 15x5s, 21sx5s, 10x5s

Time: 30 mins

Skipped shoulders last week and skipped legs this week, both due to work meals out. I could and should have done some legs today but honestly I couldn’t be bothered. Work had been tough this week and it’s nice to have an easy workout. That being said, my shoulders burnt like crazy especially during the rear delt raises. It’s still uncomfortable and there seems to be nothing I can do with my arms to ease it.



Rope pull down/overs?: 4x15

Lat pull-down:
12x42, 10x49, 8x56, drop set: 6x63-4x56-4x49-8x35

Hammer chest supported row:
2x10x40 holding squeeze each rep
10+10x40 10 with hold, 10 without

Barbell rows:

Face pulls: 3x15

Barbell curl: 20x10

Time: 40 mins

Really good workout- felt like I hit my back well. Barbell rows felt especially strong considering my back was already pretty toast.


Seems like you are focusing more on ‘bodybuilding training’ lately, am I right?


Yeah definitely. It’s a nice change I’m having fun and I feel like I’m already looking better.



Pec deck: 30x21, 3x15x28

Decline bench press: 10x20, 2x10x40, 15x40

Incline dumbbell press (mTor): 3x8x15s, 12x15s

Superset (90s rest)
Press ups: x18, x10, x12
Russian twists: 3x8 each side
Crunches: 3x8 these were really tough

Treadmill: 10 mins, 118 calories

Time: 50 mins

I enjoyed this and think I’m finally getting the hang of these style workouts. Flat benches were taken so I did decline instead but kept it lighter and did higher reps because it was difficult to unrack. I really had a break through with how I use the pec deck and it blew my chest up.

The crunches were stupidly hard and I had to swing my arms each rep forward to complete the last set which means I really need to do more BW ab work. The cardio I’m actually enjoying and seem to have got a lot fitter since the beginning of summer is which means I might be just below average now.

Finally, I had felt really lethargic and run down the last two weeks and think I was losing weight so I’ve upped my food a fair bit since last Friday and I’m feeling much better. I’ve also increased the fruit and veg I’m eating because I was slacking with It so that could be a factor too.


Nice BB workouts here.
Remember to eat well, with enough protein, you have to gain a bit of weight and definitely not lose any weight.