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Caesium32's Training Log



Congrats on the PR! Looked like there is a good bit more that was left that day.


Thank you and hopefully! It’s definitely a lift I’ll come back to in the near future.



Bench press: (45s rest)
5x60 (paused)

Superset (45s rest)
Press ups: 6x5

Machine seated rows: 4x10x42

Lateral raise machine: 3x10

Face pulls: 3x10-15

Way too hot in the gym today. There’s no air con and only a couple of windows so it was a lot hotter than outside which is already too hot. Got what I wanted done though and felt ok.



Pause bench press:
1x80 (PR)
2x1x85 (PR)
3x5x60 (No pause)

Overhead press: 3x8x30

Machine seated row: 10x42, 49, 56, 5x63

Lat pull-down: 3x10x42

Dumbell curls: 2x10x5s
Lateral raises: 2x10x2.5s

Time: 45 mins

Then jog home.

First set with 85 I think the spotter touched it, he said he didn’t but I wasn’t sure so I re-did it. It was a grind halfway but matches my unpaused PR. Rest of the workout was good too- really pushing the intensity lately. Jogging is getting easier too.




Dumbell incline bench: 4x10x15s

Machine seated row: 3x10x42

I’ve felt rubbish the last two days and this was about all I could be bothered with. It was actually not too bad of a workout and I’m quite happy with 3x100 on a bad day, two reps of my PR.



Pec deck: 3x20x26

Dumbbell incline bench: 3x8x15s, 12x15s
Lateral raises: 3x10x5s

Hammer strength lat pull-down: 4x10x40

Dumbbell RDLs: 2x10x20s
Dumbbell curls: 2x8x7.5s

Hamstring curl: 10x50, dropset: 10x60 (mTor)- 20x40

Leg extension: 12x35, dropset: 12x42 (mTor)- 12x25

Tricep push-down: 3x10-15
Face pull: 3x15-20

Superset (no rest, to 25 press ups and 50 squats)
Press up: 10, 7, 4, 4
BW squat: 20, 14, 8, 8

Time: 40 mins

Had a lot of fun today, this could become my favourite workout of the week. I’ve decided to add in a ‘bodybuilding’ sort of day since I’m trying to gain some weight. Slowed the eccentrics down lots and got a good pump basically everywhere.



Overhead press:
Drop set:
13x40 (Ties PR, RPE 10)
6x30 (RPE 9.5)
9.5x20 (Couldn’t lock out last rep- completely spent)

Machine chest press: 3x12-20, 1x triple drop set

Machine seated rows: 10x42, 8x49, 6x56, 8x49, 10x42

Face pulls: 5x10-12

Dumbbell curls: 2x21s x5s
Lateral raises: 2x10x5s

Run halfway home then:

Band pull-apart: 5x10
Band dislocation: 5x5

Great, intense session. Left arm buckled on the first attempt at 55kg so retried but the bar completely stopped around the top of my head. Drop set was tough and made up for it though.


Damn! You’re going to get it next time though.


I hope so. I’m committing to gaining some more weight and hopefully muscle so that should help when I next go back to it.



Lat pull-down: 10x42, 8x49, 6x56, 12x42

1x110 (straps from here)
2x10x80 (touch and go)

Leg extensions: 20x28, 15x35, 10x42, 8x49, dropset: 5x56 to 5x7- sets of 5 in 7kg jumps

Time: 25 mins

Had some stuff I wanted to do at home so kept it short but not a bad session. Last drop set burnt a LOT. Think I need to deadlift more regularly to stay at my best numbers.



Pec deck: 3x15

Machine chest press: 2x10x70, 8x90, 15x30

Lat pull-down: 10x42, 8x49, 8x56, 2x12x42

Seated overhead press: 3x10-12x20

Giant set
Dumbbell RDLs: 2x12x15s
Lateral raises: 2x10x5s
Hammer curls: 2x12x5s

Lying hamstring curl: 20x50, 10x60, 10x70

Leg extension: 10x35, 10x42, 10x49

Time: 35 mins

Wasn’t feeling it as much today as last week. Had pain in my right shoulder on the pec deck. The one I usually use is one where your arms are bent and pointing up whereas today’s was my arms straight pointing forwards- felt in in my chest less too. Cable station was full so skipped face pulls but will do band pull aparts at home.



Bodyweight conditioning
100 BW squats for time and EMOM for odd minutes: 10 mountain climbers each leg, EMOM for even minutes: 10 press ups.

Total reps in brackets it went:
32 squats
10 mountain climbers
15 squats
10 press ups
13 squats
10 mountain climbers
13 squats
10 press ups
17 squats

And the eagle eyed among you will notice that is only 90 squats. Great maths.

Total time: 4 mins 58s



Bench press:
5x60 (feeling kind of slow)
1x75 (a bit faster)
3x80 (RPE 9, four reps is my PR)
1x85 (failed second rep, one rep is my PR)

Seated overhead press: 2x10x20, 2x10x25, 12x25

Face pulls superset tricep push-downs: 5 sets

Seated row: 10x42, 8x49, 6x56, 2x10x42

Time: 40 mins

Not sure how to feel about today’s benching. Kind of annoyed I failed with 85 but on the other hand I am matching my PRs on what is probably a bad day and with less practice. Felt what I think was tendonitis on the tricep push downs so started doing 30+ rep sets which seemed to help as I went on. Something I need to keep an eye out for.


Not sure what I’ve done but the tendonitis is getting pretty bad now. It’s only in my left elbow too which I don’t get.


So third post in one night… this will be useful for my own reference though.

I’ve spent the last 15 minutes or so rolling a lacrosse ball around on my forearms, triceps, biceps and chest and most of the pain I’ve had has gone not to mention they all feel pretty good. Also did a lot on my right trap which is ALWAYS tight and can feel a big immediate difference, like my shoulder is hanging lower almost.

Not really been a big believer in rolling stuff out- when I’ve done it in the past it’s not really helped that much but I’ll probably do this every so often.


lots and lots of hammer curls man


Cheers I’ll try that out.



Paused front squat:
2x8x20 (back squat, I was very stiff)
1x80 (PR)

Front squat:
1x85 (bit dicey nearly dropped bar)
1x90 (PR) (better than 85)

Pause back squat:
1x95 (tightness in my calf as I came up, like it’d pop)
1x100 (long pause, had more, tightness got worse)

Lat pull-down: 3x10x42

Time: 30 mins

Good, intense session. I had 80, 90, 100 in my head going in and nearly abandoned it with how warmups felt which makes it much more satisfying to do. Not only that I definitely could have done a set with 105 for a PR but it wasn’t worth risking my calf.



Axle deadlift:

Farmers walk (weight per hand):
5x2 lengthsx40

Sandbag lap then extension:
Also failed lapping a couple of times and had a couple reps where I couldn’t get under it to extend properly so it got stuck around belly height

All above superset with
Overhead press:

Stopped supersetting
Bench press: 10x20, 3x12x40

Lat pull-down: 3x10x41, 10x46

Got a session in at the gym near my parents house which has lots of nice equipment and is always fun to use. Overhead press felt very solid and the bar speed was fast. Farmers walks weren’t that heavy but I was focusing on speed and basically running for some. The sandbag was fun to mess with and something I’ll probably spend more time with whenever I’m at this gym.

I’m going on holiday for a week on Thursday so won’t be lifting at all which will probably be a nice break because my shoulders and SI are getting a little achy. Once I’m back I’m going to give a more bodybuilding style split ago for a while and try to gain some size.


Farmers handles??

man you’re a beast! I just hit 80kg×2 on front squat today. I’ll race you to 100. I plan on hitting 140 by the end of the year too