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Caesium32's Training Log




Superset (80s rest)
Axle deadlift:
Sled push/pull: 8x2x20

Dumbell rows: 1x8x20
Dumbell bench press: 1x8x20

Machine chest press: 2x10
Machine chest supported rows: 2x10

Tricep pushdowns: 25x25, 20x30
Face pulls: 2x20x25

Ab wheel: x8, x6
Kettlebell swings: 2x10x16

Good session, took about 40 minutes, got a lot done in a little amount of time. 20kg dumbells are too heavy to press pain free right now, it was stupid to use them. Used the machines for the last two sets instead which was OK. Whole workout challenged my conditioning more than anything as I did a lot of it with no rest between sets.



Back squat:

Pec deck: 3x10-12

Bench press (30s rest): 5x5x40

Triset: front, lateral and rear delt raises: 3x10-12

Tricep pushdowns: 4 sets

Lat pull-down: 3x8x46

Cable curls: 3 sets

Didn’t have anything planned today so went a bit random and chased a pump. Squats felt much better than expected: technique felt solid and up to 80kg was coming up off my back at the top so the speed was there. Struggled to isolate my biceps, curls seem to hit my forearms more however I try them. Bench was still a bit uncomfortable so not going to try again for a few more weeks.


I find using lighter weights, especially dumbbells on the biceps to work wonders.
Lately I’ve been to lazy to do biceps work during the actual training as it takes away time from more important stuff. Instead I use 10kg dumbbell to bust out 10+sets of 10-12 reps on curls in the evening while browsing the net or watching tv. It’s really fun and almost always my biceps are sore the next day.


@arminb thanks ill give that a try, i think the key is probably to drop the weight a bit and focus on my biceps.


Deadlift: 5x6, 5x5x80

Hack squat machine: One set: 30x60-20x80-10x100

Smith machine overhead press: 10x20, 4x8x40

Punch the clock workout today. I have exams these next two weeks so I don’t want to be spending too long in the gym- this took 15-20 minutes. Wednesday will probably be a similar session then I’ll do a bit more on friday.


I’ve got some tightness going from one of my glutes going down the outer edge of my hamstring whenever I bend. I’ve had it a couple of weeks in my hamstring and foam rolled it a couple of times which seemed to help a bit but I’m noticing this evening it’s tightest in my glute as if it’s radiating from there. Not sure if it was the deadlifts or could be cos I’m sitting more than usual recently. Either way I’ll try sitting on a lacrosse ball for a while and see what I can do.