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Caesium32's Training Log




Superset (80s rest)
Axle deadlift:
Sled push/pull: 8x2x20

Dumbell rows: 1x8x20
Dumbell bench press: 1x8x20

Machine chest press: 2x10
Machine chest supported rows: 2x10

Tricep pushdowns: 25x25, 20x30
Face pulls: 2x20x25

Ab wheel: x8, x6
Kettlebell swings: 2x10x16

Good session, took about 40 minutes, got a lot done in a little amount of time. 20kg dumbells are too heavy to press pain free right now, it was stupid to use them. Used the machines for the last two sets instead which was OK. Whole workout challenged my conditioning more than anything as I did a lot of it with no rest between sets.



Back squat:

Pec deck: 3x10-12

Bench press (30s rest): 5x5x40

Triset: front, lateral and rear delt raises: 3x10-12

Tricep pushdowns: 4 sets

Lat pull-down: 3x8x46

Cable curls: 3 sets

Didn’t have anything planned today so went a bit random and chased a pump. Squats felt much better than expected: technique felt solid and up to 80kg was coming up off my back at the top so the speed was there. Struggled to isolate my biceps, curls seem to hit my forearms more however I try them. Bench was still a bit uncomfortable so not going to try again for a few more weeks.


I find using lighter weights, especially dumbbells on the biceps to work wonders.
Lately I’ve been to lazy to do biceps work during the actual training as it takes away time from more important stuff. Instead I use 10kg dumbbell to bust out 10+sets of 10-12 reps on curls in the evening while browsing the net or watching tv. It’s really fun and almost always my biceps are sore the next day.


@arminb thanks ill give that a try, i think the key is probably to drop the weight a bit and focus on my biceps.


Deadlift: 5x6, 5x5x80

Hack squat machine: One set: 30x60-20x80-10x100

Smith machine overhead press: 10x20, 4x8x40

Punch the clock workout today. I have exams these next two weeks so I don’t want to be spending too long in the gym- this took 15-20 minutes. Wednesday will probably be a similar session then I’ll do a bit more on friday.


I’ve got some tightness going from one of my glutes going down the outer edge of my hamstring whenever I bend. I’ve had it a couple of weeks in my hamstring and foam rolled it a couple of times which seemed to help a bit but I’m noticing this evening it’s tightest in my glute as if it’s radiating from there. Not sure if it was the deadlifts or could be cos I’m sitting more than usual recently. Either way I’ll try sitting on a lacrosse ball for a while and see what I can do.



Smith machine squat:

Smith overhead press: 10x20, 5x40, 4x6x42.5
Smith barbell rows: 3x10x42.5

Dumbell RDLs: 2x10x20s

Lat pull-down: 4x10x45

Just getting some work in, using whatever equipment is free. Felt everything in the right places so pretty good.



Bench press: 8x20, 2x5x50, 10x50

Deadlift: 2x5x70, 2x100, 1x120, 1x125

Lat pull-down: 3x10

Cable rows: 3x10, 1 3xRP set

Machine curls: 3 sets

Maxed out double overhand on deadlifts with my friend, he got 125kg I had to switch to mix grip after dropping it at my knees. Need to work on my grip. Bench was painless at least.


Been thinking recently and I’ve decided I’m going to deadlift 150kg on the 7th or 8th of June which is the end of this university year.

My friend who I go to the gym with has nearly caught me on every lift and is very likely going to deadlift 140 next week but I want to stay ahead of him somehow. Bench and overhead press I am just ahead but losing weight and not benching much recently I don’t think I can beat him there. He hardly squats so I’ve got him there but I want to out deadlift him too. We won’t be at university together next year and I don’t know when I’ll next see him so this is one last challenge that I’m going to win.

I’ve already planned out in my head what I’m going to do.



Dumbell overhead press: 4x10x10s

Lateral raises superset rear delt raises: 2x10x5s

Chins: 4x2xBW

Last exam is Thursday afternoon, until then I’m kind of just idling. Found with the overhead presses I was very unstable and had a bit of shoulder pain which probably indicates some sort of weakness. Going to focus on these for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Also found my squat technique became iffy with the 80kg set so next time I do 531 that’ll be my training max.


One of my housemates has bought a pull up bar for over his door and a few of us have just tried hanging off it for as long as we can- I got 56s. I’m going to do it every couple of days and see what I can work up to.



Dumbell overhead press: 4x25x4s
Rear lateral raises: 4x10x4s

Dumbell bench press: 4x10-20x10s
Lateral raises: 4x6x4s

Overhead press: 2x5x20, 5x3x40

Lat pull-down: 4x10x45

Machine rows: 3x12x30

Tried out lots of different things with dumbell presses. Flat dumbell press only hurt once I brought my elbows below my body. Overhead press was hard- could be down to stress or losing weight. Back stuff was very good. Finished my last exam today which is a huge weight of my shoulders.

In the evening:
BW hang: 61s



Deadlift (1st rep paused): 2x5x70, 8x3x100

Smith machine squats: 3x8x60

Ab wheel: 2x5

Lat pull-down (30s rest): 3x10x40

Doesn’t look like much written down but that was some solid work on deadlifts and by the last few sets they were really moving fast. Those Smith machine squats hit my legs and abs hard but feel great on my back and I think they’ll be a weekly thing going forward.



Overhead press:
Chins: 5x2xBW

Decline dumbell bench: 2x20x12s
Decline flyes: 2x6x12s

Rear delt raises: 3x10x6s
Lateral raises: 3x10x6s
Dumbell overhead press: 3x10x6s

Kettlebell swings: 3x10x16
Goblet squats: 3x8x16
Dumbell RDLs: 3x8x15s




even nicer!


@duketheslaya thanks mate!

Athletics- running

First one basically a warm up, nice and slow, second one a decent pace probably 7/10 difficulty.

Had this suggested to me by the coach. Sprinted the first 50m, jogged the next, then sprinted the last 50m. Between reps I walked back to the start and waited about 30s- between sets I waited about 5 mins total. Really gave it everything for the last one and I felt like it nearly killed me.

Was supposed to be a sort of cool down 400m but my calves and hamstrings were cramping from the start so I stopped early.

It’s a 2.2 mile walk each way too so lots of walking. The way back, with half of it up very steep hills and it raining, was pretty rubbish.

Also did another bodyweight hang for max time last night but only got to 46s. On Friday I might try 3 sets of 30s.



Bench press:
5x70 (RPE 8.5)

Cable rows: 10x20, 10x25, 2x8x30, Drop set: 5x35-5x30-5x25-5x20

Rear delt raises superset lateral raises: 3x10x4s

Hammer strength chest press: 3x15x20

Smith machine shrugs: 2x15x50

Pretty good workout. Benching was painless; slightly uncomfortable at times but never painful, chest press was similar. Happy knowing I can still work my chest and my bench doesn’t seem much weaker. My body is trashed from yesterday, I’m sore in so many places including my traps and biceps weirdly. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow because I have a tough workout planned.



20x1x110 (EMOM)

Smith machine squats: 1x20x60

Face pulls: 2x20

Again doesn’t look like much but was a good amount of work. It’s my 20th birthday this weekend so I decided to do a 20 themed workout. Picked 80% of my 1RM for deadlifts and a weight I usually use for 8-10 reps on the smith squats.

I actually surprised myself how quick I recovered with the deadlifts- reps one and twenty were a similar difficulty so perhaps I could go heavier. The main issue was my hands and I don’t think they would have taken much more before ripping open. Used double overhand for the first five and mixed grip for the rest but part of me wants to try it with 120kg and straps.



Deadlift: 2x5x60, 12x1x80 (EHMOM)

Squat: 5x20, 5x40, 8x2x60 (EMOM)

Giant set
Kettlebell swing: 3x10x16
Dumbell RDL: 3x6x20s
Dumbell row: 3x8x20

McGill curl ups superset ab wheel: 2x6

Trying something a bit new and liked how it went. Giant set had me sweating lots and feeling tired in the right places. Curl ups didn’t really feel any different to crunches but I need to watch some videos to check I’m doing them right.



Overhead press:
Chins: 6x2xBW

Lateral raises superset rear delt raises: 3x12x4s

Hammer strength chest press: 3x12x20

Hammer strength lat pull down: 3x12x70

Cable row: 3x10x30

Treadmill run: 2 mins 13km/h, 1 min 6km/h, 1 min 13km/h

Good session, done in about 45 minutes.