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Caesium32's Training Log





Thanks mate, overhead press seems to be going well recently.



1.5x140 (PR)

Bench press: 10x20, 5x60

Back extensions: 2x10xBW

Lat pull down: 9x10x40, 10x50

Dumbell curls: 2x10x10

Finally got 140kg which wasn’t too bad and went for a second rep. Lost tightness about half way through and hurt my back a bit so stopped there but I definitely would have got it otherwise. I’ve got a video which I’ll post later. The bottom of my back is quite achy but I’m hoping it’s nothing too bad. Not annoyed I hurt myself but annoyed I lost tightness and messed the rep up. I had been planning to do 20x100 afterwards but gave it a miss so I didn’t really hurt something.


Congrats on the PR anyway! Hope the back gets better quickly.


Congrats man 3 plates :slight_smile:


Nice man!!! That’s a huge milestone, great work.


@Koestrizer @mortdk @furo thanks guys!

Here’s the video I mentioned, looks pretty ugly. Can sorta see where it went wrong on that second rep and god knows why I looked up. That annoyed me.

I need to video myself a lot more, it’s a very useful tool. I think I’ll get a video of all my lifts around 80-90% and post up a form check in a few weeks.


Nice PR man! That first rep looked good to me. In the 2nd rep it looks like your hips started rising too fast. First rep looks liked you pushed into the floor and 2nd rep looked like you tried to pull up from the floor. A good queue for me is always push away from the floor. But overall nice man!


Nice going man!


Thanks! I’ve never really considered either of those queues so I’ll try it next time.


Do not use the pull from the floor. That kind of takes much of the leg drive out of the equation. Try to push the world away or as @MarkKO says try to “jump” of the flor. Sounds a bit silly, but it’s basically the same cue.



Overhead press:
1x52.5 (PR)
7x3x40 (<60s rest)

Dumbell press mechanical drop set; overhead-incline-decline:

Face pulls: 3x20x15
Tricep pushdowns: 3x10x15, 20x10

Cable rows: 4x10x30, 15x30

Lateral raises: 2 sets to failure

Good session but annoyed about only one rep with 52.5kg. I hoped to get three but I really felt it in my upper back and any explosiveness I usually have wasn’t there. Not sure if it was because of yesterday or just being really tired but I’m sure I’ve got more in me in a better day. All this was confirmed when I only got 4x47.5kg.

The assistance on the other hand was great. Everything was pushed really hard and I had one of the best pumps I’ve ever had in my arms, shoulders and back. The cable rows especially I’ve figured out how to get a nice MMC.


fuck. i have to catch up to you now haha! my best was 50kg x3

this is awesome! great work on the press and deadlift bro!!!


Thanks mate, 3x50 is probably about the same as 1x52.5 so I bet we are close.


PR on a bad day is not that bad.
Congrats man


I’m not really sure why you said it was ugly. You just hit your sticking point and kind of seemed surprised and gave up. There isn’t a whole lot wrong with what you’re doing. You’d probably benefit from squeezing your lats harder (squeeze an orange in your armpits) and pushing harder off the floor to start (jump into the pull) and making sure you’re really bracing hard but apart from that it looks decent.

Seems like your sticking point in just around knee level, starting just below and ending just above. I’m guessing that’s your lats not working hard enough and letting the bar drift a bit


Thanks Mark, always appreciate your input. Definitely gave up suddenly on that second rep because my back suddenly started hurting. Before I seemed to struggle off the floor and have been squeezing my lats harder which I think has helped so it would make sense that getting them even tighter will help more. I’ll try out what you’ve suggested.


Thank you, that’s what I’m telling myself.


How is the back now? You know by now that I am not the go to guy for deadlifts but I have to agree with @MarkKO, I don’t see anything essentially wrong there. Certainly not ugly. I also don’t think that Mark wanted to imply that you had to pull through and fight the deadlift up at any cost. If you feel pain you are absolutely right to let go and when dealing with max weight it is valid and important to think about risk vs reward of pushing through a very hard rep.

I wanted to point out bracing as well. Do you always go beltless? You might benefit from the help it provides. Especially in your squats (definitely less extra weight in the deadlift for me).



Front squat:

Back squat:

Leg extensions (30s rest): 3x15

Back extensions: BWx20, 15, 15

Ab wheel: 2x10

@Koestrizer thanks for asking I forgot to update. My back has got better really fast actually. After about a day it only really hurt in my SI joints and after a couple it was mostly just tight. Now it’s basically normal with just a bit of SI discomfort so I think I got away with it.

I’ve always gone beltless because I don’t own a belt. I will probably get one eventually but it’s not really high on my priority list.