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Caesium32's Training Log



Seems like we got almost common goals.
I’m a bit closer to some of them.

OHP did 55 (goal 60)
Bench did an ugly 95 kg (goal 100)
DL did a single 150, wich were slow and grindy (goal 180)
Squat around 100 now (goal 140) And I’ll put in 25 reps bodyweight (80 - 85 kg)
Started some 400’s just over 90 sec now.
1500 m don’t know would be around 7 min 30 sec

I have age against me though. OHP and bench are just stuck for ages.

So the race is on :slight_smile:



Mostly did discus and was the only one who was so I got to throw basically non stop for an hour. I also ran three 400m in between with the middle one being quite hard.

Now onto the bad news: yesterday after the treadmill I had a bit of pain in the back of my right leg between my heel and calf. I presumed it was just a little muscle soreness but after walking on it a lot today it’s got worse not better. Athletics seemed to be the icing on the cake and it’s now become quite painful. I can’t fully point my toes down but there’s very little pain when I point them up. I’ve some heat spray I’m going to keep using on it and I’ll rest it lots this evening and tomorrow in hope it gets better soon.


Is the pain in the muscles (calf) or is it the achilles .


I’m not too sure. Looking at a diagram I’d probably say the soleus at the bottom of my calf rather than my achilles.


damn man, be careful.
rest first and foremost.
It might be some inflammation in the achilles. If it’s a thorn muscle you probably would have noticed.


Yeah nothing is torn its definitely not that bad- most likely just inflammation. Thank you.



Deadlift (TM-120):
8x115 (PR) (RPE 8.5)

Leg press: 3x10x100

Ab wheel rollouts: 3x8

Lat pull down: 10x40, 2x10x45

Tough but good workout. Technique was feeling good especially on the back off sets. Next time I deadlift I’m going to pull 140kg.


Good luck. You’ve got this!


Hell yeah man. Go get it!

Thats good. Glad its not worse!



Bench press (TM-72.5):
7x70 (RPE 8)
9x60 (failed rep 10)

Cable rows (30s rest): 4x10

Face pulls (30s rest): 2x10

Well my calf is feeling fine again after resting all weekend but my shoulder hurt benching again today, even with a close grip. I probably shouldn’t have pushed it like I did today but my friend was trying to do 5x10x60 and I wanted to too. However, if anything it felt better the more I warmed it up, the bar and 40kg felt worst.

I’m not really sure what it is but going forward I’m probably not going to bench for a few weeks and replace it with light dumbell presses and press ups. I’ll add a 100 pull aparts daily back in too and maybe have a look online for whatever else I can throw at it. A massage might help too so I’ll try to get one of those. In terms of where the pain is it’s like a stabbing pain in the front of my right shoulder at the bottom of the bench press if anyone has any past experience with something similar.


Try google shoulder impingement
How do you bench?
I did for a long time bench flat without getting my shoulderblades back and down in the bench, and flaring my arms quite a lot. That has made my shoulders angry with me. Nowadays I do Band pull aparts and facepulls, do they work?? I don’t know, maybe. Doing some dislocates too, do they work? idk.
I think my shoulders are a bit better.
Kneeling bottom up KB press, I like them, doing them as part of warmup and I think they are good.
But see a PT if it continues, you have to live with the shoulders the rest of your life, ain’t worth it to beat them up.


Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll have a look at shoulder impingement. In terms of benching, I tuck my shoulder blades back and recently have been using a grip with my index fingers on the inside edge of the knurling with my elbows tucked so not sure it’s that. Face pulls and dislocates I do quite regularly but not pull aparts anymore. Bottoms up KB press I’ll try too.


there’s an article about here bottom up KB press on TN somewhere.
AND found it


To add to a somewhat bad last week in terms of lifting I think I’m getting sick. Last night I started feeling really bad and assumed it was just because I was tired- 9 hours sleep later and I felt even worse. On top of that I went to bed shivering even when wrapped in my duvet and a very warm room. Again, didn’t think anything of it till this morning when I woke up soaked in sweat in a freezing cold room with my covers kicked off. Basically just feel completely out of it, my head hurts everytime I move my eyes and I keep feeling queezy.

I skipped my squat workout today, partly just because I was really busy, and I’ll do it tomorrow instead of athletics. Also going to try and sleep as much as I can and hope I pick up quickly.


It could be lack of mental stress. When you’re sitting around doing nothing, your thoughts drift off and you operate at the lowest level of function. At this stage, you’re prone to attacks, both physical, mental and spiritual. Always have a goal, never be too reactive. I’m unemployed and without goals, I have nothing left. Aim to build something, be it a reputation, your legs or a product. You know what I mean. TC Luoma talked about adrenal burnout before. If you are a hard worker, chances are, you’re draining your life force away without an individualized program or even astute awareness about how to use our spiritual energy. I hate days when I suffocate myself to sleep with all the smothering heat I generate absurdly and it literally spoils the atmosphere and the sofa with my perspiration.

EDIT: Adrenal burnout


It’s definitely not lack of mental stress, maybe the opposite, I’ve got a lot going on at the minute but thanks.


Get well soon man


A better term is mental inertia. You may be on the minute with tasks but if you feel reclining enthusiasm, that’s what you can search up to mediate. Of course, not saying you have it, but most gym-goers use mental inertia as an excuse to head to the gym while their wives are fuming, kids are slopping around, business undone and house in a wreck. That’s productivity to them, is it?


So ended up skipping squats again today. I’m going to miss that workout and carry on as normal on Friday. I’ve been at uni from 8am-10pm today and the only spare time I had was half an hour for lunch. I could have gone at like 7am but I just don’t want to do that, especially with how I’ve been feeling.

Good news though is that I am feeling better now. Still felt rubbish till this afternoon then seemed to suddenly perk up- weird but nice.



Overhead press (TM-45):
10x42.5 (PR) (RPE 8.5)
Chins: 5x2

Dumbell row: 2x8x30
Overhead press: 2x5x30

Thought I was back to 100% but felt really bad once I started and think I’m gonna be sick anytime now so I cut things short. Overhead press moved well though.

I have planned for next week to be sort of a test/fun week of doing whatever I want before a deload the week after. Not sure how it’s going to go with how I’m feeling and I definitely aren’t maxing out on bench anymore but we will see.