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Caesium32's Training Log




Bench press (90s rest): 2x10x20, 10x40, 5x10x50

Dumbbell row (90s rest): 5x12x20

Squat (105s rest): 2x10x20, 4x10x40

Time: 40 mins

For some reason I got a crazy MMC and pump from bench and it made it really hard but it was good too. My arms would have failed on another rep on that last set. Squats were much better than last week- one more set and 15s less rest but easier. My conditioning is improving fast.

Need to do three sets of assisted dips and chins next session that I missed today.



Superset (90s rest)
Overhead press: 2x10x20, 4x8x30, 12x30
Hang power clean: same as above

Squat (3 mins rest): 10x30, 3x12x60

Superset (60s rest)
Assisted chin: 3x8x40
Assisted dip: same as above

Time: 40 mins



Bench press (90s rest): 2x10x20, 10x40, 3x12x50

Cable row: 3x12x70

Giant set (no rest)
Lateral raises: 3x12x5s
Rear delt flyes: 3x6x5s
Pec deck: 3x8x35

Time: 25 mins

After Sunday’s workout my lower back was a bit tight then since this morning when I woke up my left SI joint has been really sore. I skipped the squats and dumbbell rows and I’m going to try some stretches later.

If anyone has any tips for how to relieve the pain please let me know.

Today’s workout was good though- my chest especially got thrashed.



Superset (2 mins rest)
Overhead press: 2x12x20, 2x12x30
Hang power clean: same as above

Squat (1 min rest, 5s eccentric): 3x30, 5x3x60

Chest supported row: 3x10x42

Lat pull-down: 3x10x42

Time: 30 mins

Probably the last one from me this year, definitely this side of Christmas. Have a good holiday all.


Thanks mate, and a happy holiday to you too.


T-ransformation 2019 Entry

Taken this morning (31/12/18) and tried to use the most unforgiving lighting I could.

Forgot to get weighed but last time I did, a few days ago, I was 91kg. Probably closer to 92kg here, I ate my body weight in sugar yesterday.

Plan is a solid diet after a couple of weeks of maintenance and to hopefully finish the challenge in the low 80kgs.


Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

So posted my t-ransformation pics then disappeared, not a good start…

Truth is I have been pretty ill the last week or so and skipped the gym, getting out of bed was my workouts.

Things seem to be picking up these last couple of days so I’m planning to go back to the gym tomorrow even if it’s just to do something easy.

Got weighed on Saturday or Sunday and was 91kg.



Bench press: 2x10x20, 5x40, 2x5x50, 10x50

Assisted chins: 3x10x40

Time: 20 mins

Did very little but better than nothing. Aiming for a big session on Thursday.


Keep at it Caesium, any goals for 2019 ?


I’m planning to drop a fair bit of weight the first half of the year. What about you?


Get stronger, but that involves putting on muscle. Still trying to figure that one out…



Overhead press (90s rest): 2x10x20, 3x8x30

Hang power clean (60s rest): 2x5x20, 5x30, 8x3x40

Superset (60s rest)
Assisted chins & dips: 2x8x40

Crunches (30s rest): 3x8

Leg extensions: 2 sets
Lying hamstring curl: 2 sets

Time 35 mins

Only just getting better from the very beginning of the year. The time off has got me excited about the gym again for the first time in a while.


Easy — eat more :slight_smile:
@caesium32 keep grinding man, how much of a weight drop are we talking about.


Honestly I’m not too sure, but I suspect 5-10kg. I’ll see how I end up looking.

When I started this log I was 82kg so it would be good to get back there and see the difference.



Deadlifts (90s rest): 2x5x60, 5x80, 5x4x100

Rear delt flyes: 3x20

Deadlifts I missed yesterday - last four sets with straps.

Time: 20 mins



Squat: 3x8x20, 5x40, 3x5x50

Chest supported row: 5x12x35

Bench press (60s rest): 2x10x20, 8x40, 7x5x50, 3x70

Time: 35 mins

Took squats from 3x10 to 3x5 because they felt dreadful. I think lack of doing them and a lot of soreness from the last two days had me moving funny. Bench also felt pretty rubbish but at least I was noticing an improvement as I went one.

Will be fine once I get back into it.



Overhead press: 3x10x20, 3x9x30

Squat: 10x20, 10x30, 3x5x50 (paused)

Time: 30 mins

Really losing motivation for the gym recently to be honest and not looking forward to going. I know this is normal for some but it’s making it hard for me.

Hoping things change more going forward. Sounds stupid but I usually avoid coffee in the afternoon because I have to sleep early and don’t want it to effect it. By the time I’m home from work I’m super tired though so I might start having one especially on gym days.

Or I could just toughen up and deal with it like a lot of people do.


I avoid coffee too usually, at most one or two or day at most. Try to get plenty of sleep over a few days, it really helps.

I think you need to set goals and work towards them, from short to long term. Bad days/weeks or even months can happen but it shouldn’t alter your discipline to go train and work towards your goals.

If you feel really burnt out it’s ok to take a week off and do something else for a bit, then come back full of energy for training!


Why are you losing motivation?
That’s the first question you should ask
You might find a solution in the answer


@hypem74 I had a coffee today at about 2:30pm but made no difference really so that’s out. I have some goals but maybe I need to look more short term.

@mortdk I think there’s a few reasons I’m losing motivation: stress at work and being tired, not having anyone to go to the gym with or regularly talk about it for the first time in a long time and I think just interests in other things instead.

Thank you both for your inputs, you made me think about some stuff haha. Funnily I had a good session today.


Overhead press (90s rest): 2x12x20, 2x10x30, 9x30

Hang Power clean (60s rest): 5x20, 5x30, 8x4x40

Squat (90s rest): 8x20, 5x8x50

Stretching for 10 mins

Time: 50 mins

As I said above this went better than the last few sessions. As is becoming usual recently midway through I really didn’t want to be there but willed myself to and from there it wasn’t too bad and after I felt great. Just going to focus on adding GOOD reps each week, whether on one set or them all - that’s the goal.