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Caesium32's Log - Cycling With a Side of Lifting

Apparently it’s not got much carry over to cycling. I know this because I was moaning to the gym owner afterwards how I thought it’d be easy because I cycle a lot and he told me.

Just from doing it though I see what he means - you need to be using your upper body to its full advantage. A few times I was struggling and took my arms off for a second and my power halved at least. The other thing that was tough for me at least is the position is different to on the bike and whereas on the bike I’m pedalling at like 90rpm, on the assault bike it’s more like 40-50rpm. Finally, most of the efforts I do for cycling are like 15+ mins which is a big flaw in my training that I’ve just realised.

Ultimately though I don’t think any of the above matters because my heart just couldn’t push any harder - I simply aren’t fit enough right now. You beat me with the rowing I wouldn’t be surprised if you got me here too. I’m looking forward to seeing how you do and preparing for the pain to my ego.


Solid work going on here!

Hope you feel better soon!

@vision1 beat everyone on the rowing (and apparently recovered faster too). It’ll be interesting to see if he’s up for this challenge

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A 7 minute challenge is a lot less inviting than a 90 second challenge, that’s a long time to suffer.
I’ll give it a try once an assault bike is added to my gym collection.


Thank you. I’m sure everyone will blow my time out of the water.

For anyone else that wants to try it I’ve just been doing some reading and it seems there’s a few popular makes of air bike and they’re not all equal. There’s a Swinn? Airdyne, an Assault Fitness Airbike (what I used) then a Rogue Echo and they apparently go from easiest to hardest in that order. I’ve read from different places that for the same effort on both, the Assault Fitness bike gives 1.1-1.25x the calories of the Echo and apparently the really good guys are doing sub 4 mins on the Echo.

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Yep. It probably hurt about as much as the rowing for the first 90s too but instead of being able to stop it just got more painful.

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Cycle - Endurance

Finally got that 100 mile ride done and ticked off a big milestone. 56 miles were solo and 44 were with a group. This was my goal to do in September so I’m going to have to come up with something else now. Pretty happy with myself especially on the back of a week off ill.



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Thanks a lot!

Are you going to celebrate?
Big steak :cut_of_meat:?

I had a Nandos, not really to celebrate, but it’s a good meal to have afterwards - lots of calories, lots of protein and very nice.


Cycle - Easy Club Ride

Cycle - Endurance

Another 100 mile ride, this time with more hills but at a slower pace - total moving time was 7:13 hrs vs about 6.5 hrs last time.

Lots to catch up on here. I had planned to deload this week but still didn’t feel 100% until basically today so I decided to do it last week instead. I had not been to the gym anyway and it would have been hard to fit my usual cycling volume into the end of the week as I felt better.

Yesterday I did an easy club ride although the pace got pushed a bit more than I’d planned at the end hence the Z4 and Z5 time. While I was out one guy mentioned he was doing a 100 mile ride today which sounded good so I jumped onto that at the last minute. It was pretty slow but one of the guys is nearly 80 and still pulling off that distance so he can go however slow he wants. It was pretty nice to go on the front and block the wind for him a bit to help out too. There were a few big hills where we split up and pushed the pace individually though. This was fun since there aren’t many big ones near where I live and was a good chance to test myself. Anyway, turns out since the hardest part of my last 100 mile ride wasn’t the pace and fitness side but the discomfort from being on the bike so long, today was a similar difficultly despite being slower because I was on the bike longer. Luckily I made a few adjustments based on the last ride which helped with the discomfort and balanced out the extra time.

Plan going forward is to finish the last week of my 5/3/1 cycle this week then do another cycle after. Basically I now have four weeks instead of three. I’ll have a bit less free time for cycling so plan to do less endurance and more higher intensity work.



Bench press:


Strength was down a little today, especially with deadlifts, so I went a bit off plan. I was super sweaty and even with chalk I was struggling to hold the bar, I really should have brought my straps.


Cycle - Z4 & Z5 Intervals

This was pretty tough and consisted of three Z4 blocks with a one minute Z5 effort at halfway and at the end of each one then about 20 minutes of Z2 to finish. I’m definitely feeling the effects of the last few days’ workouts. Tomorrow will probably be a rest day.

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Lat pull-down: 9x63, 10x46, 10x41

Hammer dip: 2x20x50

Not a bad session - went off plan again and tested some heavier weights ahead of the next cycle. I’m starting to look forward to focussing on the gym later in the year and gaining some weight.