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Caesium32's Log - Cycling With a Side of Lifting

Gym - Cardio

Spin bike: 15 mins

Rowing machine: 500m in 1:52

Burpee: x10

Rain stopped me going out on the bike this morning so did this instead just so I’d done something. Riding the spin bike is so so boring and they’re upstairs in the gym where it gets stupidly hot so just an all around horrible experience - 15 minutes was enough there.

I’d seen all the rowing talk in @alex_uk log and thought I’d give it a go so I could relate. Well props to them because that was tough. I went out way too hard and put out about twice as much power in first half than the second. Definitely went all out though, I was 6bpm from my max HR for over a minute. Added some burpees at the end because it seems to be the thing to do at the moment, 10 was enough for today though.


One thing I forgot to log from today: when I got to the gym a friend was there doing chin ups so I thought I’d try since I haven’t since loosing weight. I did six good dead hang reps and my old PR was four without the dead hang. I probably could have done at least eight before failure. Pretty happy with that considering I haven’t done one in at least six months.


Haha definitely mirrors my first attempt that wall you hit (around 300ms for me) is insane, like a brick wall haha.

Fantastic, that’s a great number and good place to build on, keep it up then when you gain weight (if you do) you’ll get stronger without even noticing it.

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I actually had you saying this in my mind when I did it. The problem was I think I went out so hard I hit the wall at more like 150-200m and so nearly quit because I just thought there was no way I could last it out.

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Cycle - Club Ride

Great ride today. Furthest and longest, hilliest and nearly my fastest ever. Was 65 miles in total and took 4 hours. This was one of those times were you see all the work you’ve done pay off and I felt super human. It was also my first time on a ride at the 3rd difficultly level out of four and the ride leader and club chairman said I’d easily be able to handle any of those rides as today was basically the hardest one. That is a big win since I was worried I’d be able to hang on with them at all.

Altogether this week I got in just over 12 hours of riding and 180 miles. I’d like to be able to get in 16 hours next week but the weather forecast is bad so we will see.



Bench press:


Bit of an off day today for a few reasons: I only got about 5 hours sleep, I haven’t eaten much today and I think I’m pretty run down from yesterday’s bike ride. Grip strength was really rubbish. Skipped the assistance to make my life a little easier and get some extra recovery - got to remember that cycling is my focus for now.


That sounds exactly like me.

Kept it around 1:30 pace for the first 300m then hit a wall and struggled through to the end.

Unfortunately we now have a reason to retry it I think.


Cycle - Intervals & Endurance


Cycle - Endurance

Making good use of my free time and spending it all out on the bike. Went six miles further than my previous longest ride which I did on Sunday and rode for about 40 minutes longer. Intensity wasn’t as high but things start to get uncomfortable no matter how hard you ride after this long.

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And to think that when you resumed logging here, you thought no-one would be interested . . . and look what you’ve found! :grin:

Thank you for posting your workouts and your cycling here! I can’t possibly be the only person who finds them inspiring and valuable!

And congratulations on all the hard work!


Haha unfortunately @vision1 beat my time, so now I have to retry as well!



@oldnattychris that’s nice to read, thank you. Hope you’re doing well.

@alex_uk you’ve created a monster!



Chins: 3x3xBW
Med ball slams: 3x3x10



Lat pull-down: 8x72, 8x54

Hammer chest press: Drop set: 8x60-7x40

Hammer upper-back row: 20x60 (PR), 12x60

Tricep push-down: 2 sets

Dumbbell curl: 3 sets

Decline crunch: 2 sets

I had a big mental battle and victory today. As seems to be the norm by this time of the week I’m feeling run down again and I really did not want to workout but instead of skipping it I killed it. I threw the weights around like the bar was empty, took the bare minimum rest then smashed the assistance. Really happy with myself.

To meet my target I’ve still got 1.5 hours of cycling to do today or tomorrow plus the usual club ride on Sunday. I’m eating lunch now then will probably try and knock out the 1.5 hours straight after so I can take tomorrow as a rest day. I’m posting it online now so I’ve got to do it.


You should be—looks like great work. (Nice PR, too!)

Yep, now you’re locked in: I’ll be looking forward to the post about it, so git 'er done. :wink:

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Here it is @SvenG.


Got it done so I’m on target for the week and afterwards I probably feel less run down than I did at the start of the day. Went at a slightly higher intensity than planned but I have a full rest day tomorrow.


So I think yesterday was a bit of a lesson in how far I can run myself down. As I said, I felt pretty rubbish in the morning, just generally tired and hints of a sore throat coming. I smashed my workout and bike ride and felt better in the few hours afterwards. However after that my throat got increasingly sore, I got increasingly tired and I basically lost my voice by about 10pm. I went to bed feeling pretty bad. I slept about nine hours and woke up feeling much better this morning though. Now at 11am I feel basically 100%. It’s funny what a good night’s sleep will do.

I guess I must have picked up some sort of bug and being run down meant it effected me a lot. Once I’d had a good sleep and recovered a bit I guess my body sorted itself out. I’ve done a couple of COVID tests too just to be safe on that front.

Overall, it’s been a pretty interesting case study on myself. Thinking retrospectively; I first felt a bit off after doing the longest bike ride I’d ever done and hardly sleeping that night then I got worse after an intense workout and another bike ride, not that surprising when I think about it like that. Plus I wasn’t exactly fresh before that big bike ride either. Anyway, I’m having a rest day today and will try to get another night of 8+ hours sleep. I’m confident if I do that I’ll be feeling great tomorrow and ready to go again.


Cycle - Club Ride

Forgot to log this. I spoke a bit too soon the other day saying I feel better and I still aren’t quite 100%. I’m fairly sure it’s some sort of tonsillitis thing I have since they’re both pretty swollen. Anyway, I did an easier club ride to give my body a bit of a chance and I think I’m going to take today off too so I can fully recover and get back to normal ASAP.


Assault Bike

The owner of my gym said that if anyone could beat his time for 100 cals on the assault bike that they could have a free hoodie and of course I wanted to try. His time was 7:13, I got to 69.5 cals in 5:28 and gave up. My pace was plummeting and even if I could keep it up I’d have only got 91 calories in his time. @alex_uk & @dagill2 this could be a good one for you guys to try? I’m sure there would be a few challengers if you mentioned it in your logs too.

This was the hardest thing I’ve done in a long time, I really went deep. To put some numbers on it my HR was at 183bpm for 2 mins and my previous max HR for 1 minute was 182bpm which was also done at basically max effort. My walk home from the gym usually takes about 10 mins but took about 20 today. My calves were cramping like crazy and I had to spend 5 mins slumped against a wall at the side of the road stretching them after one was bad enough to literally drop me to one knee.

Health wise: I am still not 100% over whatever is up with me although today is probably the closest I’ve been. It probably didn’t help me with this effort but it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do when I’m trying to get better either. Up until today I’ve been taking some time off to help myself recover and I am hoping to go out on bike ride tomorrow but now I’m worried I will have knocked myself back a bit - I didn’t expect to go that hard. Anyway, I guess I’ll see tomorrow.


The odds of me beating a cyclist at cycling is minimal but what the fuck, I’m up for it.