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Cadence Variations

So… been emailing the good Doctor about some cadence variations that I’ve devised based on some experimentation and aligned with my fast twitch muscle fibres ideal rep ranges. Nothing is set in stone. For me - a set of around 90 seconds is too long a duration. I have found that 35 - 40 seconds for upper body and 55 - 65 seconds for lower body suit me much more. What I’ve been using quite successfully to accommodate this are some of the following:

Variation of 30-10-30
Upper body is 15-5-15
Lower body is 20-8-20

Variation of 30-30-30
Upper body is 12-12-12
Lower body is 20-20-20

I have also started experimenting with a negative emphasised variation where I raise the weight and then lower in 10 seconds for 3 lowering cycles (upper body) and 5 lowering cycles (lower body). These seem to be working well too.

Interested in what questions, comments and observations anyone has got

“seem to be working well”
Can you be more specific? We are talking about hypertrophy as a goal?

Hi Hogar,
We’re talking about hypertrophy as the primary aim.

Thanks for your interest

So when you say seem to be working well, can you be more specific? Measurements and time of that type of training, goals achieved…

Following a 5 months lockdown, where I was unable to train, in 4 weeks I re-gained 11 3/4 lbs of lost muscle whilst simultaneously losing 4 1/2 lbs of fat. In terms of size I gained 1 3/4" on my chest, an average of 3/4" on my arms, an average of 1 3/4" on each calf and an average of 1 1/2" on my thighs. My waist has pretty much remained the same the entire time.

Want to know the diet?

PS: Yes there are photos that have been shared with Ellington but they are not for public consumption

No need for photos, I believe you.
Feel free to share the diet details, but at this point I am more interested how have you set up the training and weekly volume?
Thanks again for this…I was hoping to find someone that has actually done some of Dr. Dardens training with specific results or lack of it, but just sincere feedback as a conseguence of serious engagement in this type of training.
Can you also share your age, training history and height?
Thanks again Jeff :slight_smile:

Sure… no problems.

I am 60 later this year. Started strength training when I was 11 and have been big and muscular when I was younger and weighed as much as a fat 240 lbs when I was older. I have been training using HIT since 1979.

For the gains I made - the first week I trained on a Tues, Thurs, Sat schedule. Each workout was approx. 30 minutes - never more than 8 exercises. The second week I trained Weds and Sat. Weeks three and four I trained on the Sat only.

I creatine loaded the first 2 weeks. Week 3 and 4 were maintenance creatine only. In terms of food I eat 55 - 60% carbs, 20 - 25% fats and 10 - 15% proteins. To make my gains I ate 2400 cals a day for weeks 1 and 2 and then increased my calories by 150 per day for week 3 and for week 4 by another increase of 100 calories a day.

I’d like to emphasise this was re-gaining lost muscle. I’m 5’ 10"

So if I understood correctly, it is 8 exercises(covering whole body I guess) per single set using TUT as described above and/or emphasised negative loading.
Right or?

Spot on sir

Thank you very much.
I would also like to ask you about exercise selection, although I am limited with the equipment, but it would be nice to know, and I will do my best to get as close as it as possible.

And starting this routine as of today…I am about to start todays training so your message cqme right on time :slight_smile:

Hi hogar,
No fancy equipment - I usually pick one or two of the following:
Legs - dumbbell squat, leg press, leg extension, leg curl
Calfs - calf raise
Chest - chest press, incline press, dumbbell fly, arm cross
Back - barbell pullover, close grip pulldown, dumbbell row, barbell row
Shoulders - press, lateral raise
Biceps - curl
Triceps - pushdown

So (e.g.) Legs could be leg curl followed by dumbbell squat
Chest - dumbbell fly followed by chest press
Back - pullover followed by pulldown
etc etc

Thanks a lot!
And my last question…when you say e.g leg curl followed by dumbbel squat, do you intend that as followed without break after first exercise or with a reasonably long pause?
Thanks again

No probs…

I train in a commercial gym so I’m rarely able to do exercises back to back with no rest. I have to walk to the dumbbell rack from the leg curl, get the dumbbells, find a spot in the gym etc… I’d say a couple of minutes between exercises.

One last point - I think you can’t under estimate the value of getting the diet right, making sure you get adequate sleep and drinking lots of water to make the gains I did. It’s not all about the actual workout sequence or exercise cadence.

Hope all of that helps. Good luck with your plan.

Thank you.
And yes, I definetly agree about the diet and recovery.